Dysphagia Disorder Survey

Certification Training and Distribution of the Dysphagia Disorder Survey and Dysphagia Management Staging Scale

The Dysphagia Disorder Survey (DDS) and The Dysphagia Management Staging Scale (DMSS) are standardized screening and clinical evaluations for feeding and swallowing disorders in children and adults with developmental disabilities. The Dysphagia Disorder Survey (DDS) and The Dysphagia Management Staging Scale (DMSS) were developed by Justine Joan Sheppard, Ph.D., to provide cost-effective and efficient clinical identification of dysphagia and other feeding and swallowing disorders, to track changes in these disorders and to help determine the necessity for clinical, medical, and instrumental dysphagia evaluations. These tools have been in use since 1986 for research and clinical management. They are used currently in the United States, The Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. The DDS has been found to be useful in residential and day treatment sites, homes and schools.

Use of the DDS and the DDS and DMSS as standardized, integrated testing components are available only through Certification Workshops. The Choking Risk Assessment (CRA) and the Pneumonia Risk Assessment (PRA) and The DMSS as a free standing severity scale are published tools and available for use without training.

About the Dysphagia Disorder Survey and the Dysphagia Management Staging Scale Integrated (DDS_DMSS (I))

  • The DDS-DMSS(I) is a quick test for dysphagia, unsafe eating behaviors and delayed development of eating skills that has been standardized on over 800 people, including children and adults, with developmental disabilities. It can be administered in as little as 10 minutes.
  • It is appropriate for use for ages, 2-years through adulthood and in independent research has been standardized for 18-24 month old children as well
  • The DDS is a task analysis tool that examines ability and disorder and provides raw and standardized scores that are numerical measures of performance. The scores permit test-re-test comparisons, and comparisons between individuals and between groups of individuals.
  • The DMSS is a five-level scale for rating severity of involvement for feeding and swallowing disorder based on management needs and health related outcomes. It is used in conjunction with the DDS to provide increased flexibility in scoring.
  • The CRA and PRA are short check lists that predict individual vulnerability for choking episode or pneumonia. They are standardized for adults with developmental disability.
  • The assessments provide a common terminology for interdisciplinary clinical and research collaborations
  • Speech-language pathologists, Occupational therapists, Physical therapists, Dieticians, Nurses, and other licensed professionals who have attended a Certification workshop can administer the DDS-DMSS (I), however, interpretation of results should be restricted to swallowing specialists.
  • The DDS has been used in peer reviewed, published research studies involving children and adults

The Certification Workshop for The Dysphagia Disorder Survey, and The Dysphagia Management Staging Scale.

Dysphagia Disorder Survey Certification workshops: Nutritional Management Associates provides Certification workshops for the use of The Dysphagia Disorder Survey as integrated with The Dysphagia Management Staging Scale to facilities for agencies and individual professionals.

About the Certification workshop for the DDS-DMSS (I)

  • The workshop includes discussion, training and practice in:
  • Review
    • Feeding and swallowing disorders in children and adults with disabilities
    • Assessment options for feeding and swallowing disorders
  • Use of related assessment tools as part of an assessment protocol
  • Procedures for administering the DDS- DMSS (I)
  • Practice administering the DDS- DMSS (I) using videotapes of individuals with disabilities
  • A post-test for self evaluation
  • The registration fee includes admission, The DDS and DMSS manual and test forms, The CRA and PRA forms and User’s Guide, modules for integrating use for care-giver and client discussion and report writing templates. In addition a personalized Certificate suitable for framing is provided that documents the participant’s qualification as a Certified user of the DDS and DMSS

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