Nurse Larson's   Page

Hi Lanesborough School Families!

      For those of you who don't know me... I'm Kathy Larson (Mrs. Larson, Nurse Larson or Nurse Kathy).  I have been the nurse at Lanesborough School for over 30 years!  Many of our parents were former students!

Students Entering Preschool: need a Physical exam and updated immunizations.  If you were in our program last year you are all set.

Students Entering Kindergarten: Need a 5 year old physical and immunizations.  There are immunizations given at the 5 year old physical that will not be on the 4 year physical.  Many of these physicals are done over the summer.  By state law, students need these to enter kindergarten. 

Students entering 3rd or 4th grade: I need and updated physical in either grade 3 or 4 grade. If your student goes to the Dr this year please submit a copy of their annual physical to the school.

Students in 6th Grade this Year:  Your student will have the opportunity to go to Cape Cod with their class as an end of the year Field Trip.  Before that trip I will need a physical (within a year) dated after June 2023 with updated immunizations.  Your student will need an updated Tdap (tetanus) and also the meningitis vaccine to complete their end of the year health record.

       If anyone needs to reach me with a question or to check in , you can email me at  or call the school at (413)443-0027  push "7" to get the nurse extension.  I check my messages daily.   Leave me contact information and I will be in touch.  

Have a great Summer.  See you all in the fall!!

  Nurse Kathy  :)