Winning the Battle

"Crazy With a K" a semi-autobiographical web-series that unabashedly calls depression a disease. Creator, Joël René knows that no one likes to watch people go through depression, so she lets us laugh at her, cry with her, and experience her fight against the odds as she combats this illness.

The power of story telling...

Joël René has battled mental illness since her early childhood. Using traumatic moments from her own life allows her to give depth to the character she plays on screen. But because those experiences are not pleasant to share, nor relive, she tells these stories through comedic eyes so the viewer can both feel the pain, but remember to laugh at the moment.

numinous films, llc an independent film production company created by Joël René Scoville and Robert Scoville and is based in the Las Vegas metropolitan area. They have a combined experience of over 50 years in the Theatre and Film industries. "Crazy With a K" is their debut production and is filming it's first season which consists of six episodes. True to their mission statement, the cast and crew is comprised of local talent, many of whom are from under-represented demographics. This has allowed them to be surrounded by an incredible amount of artists who normally would not get to work on a such a meaningful project. Moving forward with this project, numinous films, llc will be working with suicide prevention foundations, depression research organizations and other non-profits. These organizations have been working tirelessly to aid and support those and their families struggling with this illness.

Our Company...

Joël and Robert have determined to use their skills as story tellers to design a form of entertainment that provokes audiences to think as they are entertained. Many talented filmmakers have brought much to the table regarding this form of entertainment in recent years. We believe that even more positivity can be shown and told through film and TV. Many say that there are no new stories that can be told so we accept the retelling of old stories, but everything is right about telling old stories differently and with boldness.


...That is how many people committed suicide in 2016 and since then the number continues to go up (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention). The cause of a person committing suicide is from a disease. That disease is mental illness. Or in laymen's terms, depression. Everyone has come in contact with depression. Whether it is from personal experience, or the observation of a loved one or friend. No one is immune to depression. It affects rich and poor - the religious and the atheist - the popular and the unknown - men, women and children. Depression does not discriminate.

Reaching out...

We are committed to reaching out to non-profits and organizations that are working to help people with mental illness. There are links below to some of the sites we have reached out to. There are plenty of options that can provide a better source of assistance than that of succumbing to the pressure of pain that depression can bring.


...every penny of your donation will go into the production value of "Crazy With a K"

If you know someone who struggles with depression - in any form - BE part of the conversation. Make your voice heard by donating to this campaign.

It's not just a TV series...

We are building a show that has a comedic take on depression and it's resulting behaviors. It's because we want to bring it all up for discussion - but so many people loath the idea to talk about depression because it's so misunderstood. Too often people might think their friend, spouse or loved one can, "just be happy" or, "just love yourself first," as Joey complains about in the film.

We have put the talents of professional people to task, and many of them have personally gone through the fight we are talking about. They believe in this show and want it to come to fruition for a better reason.

Please Donate now and then contribute further by talking to someone about how depression is not about someone being sad or lazy. Get involved in your communities to see what steps are being taken locally to ensure that treatment options are available. Talk to your family members and friends to find out if any of them struggle with this illness. Awareness leads to talking, talking leads to action and action leads to change. Be a part of the change.

Thank you for helping us tell the story of depression in a way that hopefully leads to saving a life.

- numinous films

Read more about who we are and how we committed ourselves to this project.

Please look at any of these websites. You CAN find a resource out there. There are really people out there that care and want to help.