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It's the last day of shooting!!!
The K-Pop dream team!
Shots in the round are long and tedious...
Group therapy filming...
It's not a show in Vegas if there's no pool.
Our DP using a cool gadget to get a tight shot in the hot tub.
Is that a Princess? Or is it Ava? Shout out to Sin City Opera for the gowns!
Director Kari Lee Cartwright adjusting Armi in the coffin...yes, it's a real coffin.
K-Pop school girls learning choreography by Sarah Lowe
Filmed in two days! And our last two days of filming too!
Josh Balan producing "Prince Charming" K-Pop at the recording studio.
Jen, Armi, Renata and Joël singing "Prince Charming"
These ladies are so talented!
Jeremiah (DP) adjusting the talent for the camera.
Small but talented crew!
Last shot of Principle photography!!!

Joël and Jen talk 12 step beauty...

Directing again

Even without the mask, Jennifer Cantorna is a comedic genius.

Joël puts on her Director's hat.
Gigi Guizado joins our show for her first day of filming.
Working in tight spaces for important moments on film.
Lighting and camera angles tell the story too.
Isaiah is Joël's youngest son. His part is small, yet it reveals an integral part in her story.
Keeping things light while filming exteriors in the Vegas heat!
Silhouette shots look so nice
Being a Stand-In is a talent too, right?
Fun on set!
Many techniques used to capture a scene
Good lighting is important to a scene
Improvising a Facetime conversation with an actor who's not really there - But Eugenie is hard at work getting her sound
Joël directing herself
Showing depression on film is not as easy as lying on the couch
Two cameras makes for quicker shooting and more edit choices
Joël smiling for the camera
Preparing the next shot
First shoot day in the books!
Joël gets ready for the very first shot of the production
A happy crew is a productive crew!
Jeremiah Rounds, DP and stand-in!

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numinous films, llc

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