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Crowdfunding campaign has ended, but support is still welcome. Feel free to email the producers at:

We've launched a crowdfunding campaign in order to get this project onto your screen.

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If you are willing to help us fund this web series,

please make a donation through IndieGoGo.

Your donation will go to the salaries of the cast and crew of this production, as well as to the purchasing and rental of equipment, supplies, props, and costumes, etc. We still have a few more shots to capture to fill in the gaps in editing, plus we have yet to complete the color correction process, sound mastering and sound effects, secure licensing for some of the music and images we're using, complete the rest of the original musical score for the, we have some animation yet to do, which will be so much fun!

We are an independent film company and Crazy with a K is our debut film production! Although we have many years of experience behind us, because this is our debut production from start to finish, we have surrounded ourselves with an incredibly talented cast and crew. But we still need your help to ensure it reaches the quality level of production that we and viewers are accustomed to seeing. Plus, we believe this project will begin the conversation about mental illness in an entertaining and inspiring way, and we can't do it without you!

Thank you for your kind generosity,

- numinous films, llc

IndieGoGo - Crazy With a K

IndieGoGo - Crazy With a K