This is a social responsibility project that takes “REFUGEES and IMMIGRATION” in its centre with the approach that everybody deserves a life as stated in UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS.

For more than ten years of research in Europe and beyond, Human Rights Watch (HRW) has documented serious violations of children’s rights arising from immigration detention of children. Children may be arbitrarily detained, held in cells with unrelated adults and subjected to brutal treatment by police, guards and other authorities. They are often held in poor conditions that fall far short of international standards governing appropriate settings for children deprived of their liberty.

Our starting point of this project is humanism. We have to show our respect to those people because we live in the same world. This must be seen as our common responsibility. As educational institutions we can't solve this very serious problem, but we can manage to provide social acceptance and manage to give people in need stronger motivation/hope for a happy life. Furthermore, this project will be very useful for our students while developing their social skills, social sensitivity and autonomous personalities.

It will promote and develop:

-increasing social responsibility campaigns for migrants

-social consciousness, social awareness, social sensitivity, tolerance, empathy for the immigrants and refugees

-destroying stereotypes

There are five stages of the project:

- Searching immigration and refugees issue

-Why do immigrants and refugees move to Europe searching for a happy life?

-Getting familiar with refugees and immigrants (taking videos and preparing documentaries of them)

-Organising social volunteering activities for them including as many people as possible

-Disseminating project activities effectively in local, national and international areas to create spreading waves in Europe and across the world


Italien (Campobasso-Molise)

Türkei (Samsun)

Portugal (Faial Island- Horta/ Azoren)

Griechenland (Athen)