Instantly Improve your Attention & Focus!

Haptic taps that nudge you in the right direction.

Head Stuck in the Clouds?

Use Nujible to help you redirect your mind from persistent distraction. It is ideal for people who have trouble concentrating, staying awake and alert, or those who have ADD/ADHD issues.

Get Your Head Back in the Game!

Nujible gives you periodic nudges on your iPhone or Apple Watch to help you bring your attention back to the task at hand.

Over time, Nujible will help you improve your concentration and focus by encouraging natural self-monitoring.

How Does it Work?

From your iPhone or Apple Watch, select how often you want Nujible to nudge you, set how long you want to be focused, and start your session!

Nujible is easy to use and free to try out for yourself.

Featured in Unbelievably Useful Apple Watch Apps by DailyTekk.

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