Instantly Improve your Attention & Focus!

Haptic taps that nudge you in the right direction.

Got Your Head Stuck

in the Clouds?

Many find themselves easily distracted while they're supposed to be paying attention.

You don't have to let persistent distraction hold you back!

Get Your Head
Back in the Game!

Nujible uses vibrations on your iPhone or Apple Watch to prompt you to stay awake, alert, and focused.

Your concentration and focus will gradually improve as you learn to strengthen your natural self-monitoring skills.

Two Ways to Get Started!

Nujible: Stay Awake and Alert

  • Basic haptic features

  • Fast and easy to use

  • Try it free!

Nujible+ Attention Training

  • Advanced haptic features

  • Train your attention and focus

  • Track and improve your performance

Train your Attention with Nujible+

A Subtle, Effective Nudge

You want to stay productive, but your environment is full of distractions that are always trying to divide your attention.

Nujible+ trains you to maintain your attention.

Get periodic, haptic taps on your iPhone or Apple Watch that act as a subtle but effective nudge to get you back on track!

Tools for Success!

We also want to optimize your ability to be more productive.

Nujible+ uses behavioral change techniques to teach you to develop long term skills to help you achieve your goals!

Train Your Mind
The Same Way You Train Your Body

  • Get personal insights to track, challenge, and improve your focus performance over time.

  • Use Nujible’s Progress Tracker Tools for instructive analytics on attention-based metrics.

  • Get specific feedback for improving your attention, grounded in behavioral science.


"Helps Focus and attention significantly

This app is perfect for anyone in need of help with focus."


"Very Helpful

I’ve used this app to help me study for an upcoming exam and it was essential for keeping me on track."

Easy to Use!

Step 1

Select your activity category.

Step 2

Select how frequently you want to get nudged.

Step 3

Select how long you want to stay focused and GO!

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