What is TauntMe?

Taunt is a spigot plugin that allows your players to taunt each other in game with real sounds. Ever play Mortal Kombat and here the voice "Get Over Here!" Well thats a taunt. With Taunt you can use commands to send custom sounds to players in game. You mean jukebox sounds? No I mean real voices of anything you can think of! Want a player to say "Stop or I will Shoot!" you can with taunt!


The config is pretty simple as long as you have used a config file before. You may need to learn a little bit about packs, but thats why taunt comes with its own custom pack to get you started.

TauntMe Resource pack:

This is where you can add new sounds over the pre-made commands.

Custom Taunts:

Want to add a different taunt that you created? Simply export your sound as a .ogg this can be done with audacity, Then drop that sound into your taunt folder.


This you may not need to edit but will allow you to change the sounds names to match any sound you might replace.


You might replace stop_it with hey_you. If you have made a custom sound called hey_you.ogg. This will not replace the command name.

Planned Features:

These features are part of the final concept that is TauntMe. Im still learning to code. So there will be delays and/or limits to what I can learn to implement to this project, with the time life provides me.

In-Short: Im fairly busy but want to spend some of the free-time I acquire to learning Java and how to code. IE the creation of TauntMe.

  • Advanced Config:
    • allowing for taunt commands and sounds to be added via config and no longer hard coded limits.
  • Taunt Gui:
    • this will require the resource pack to created a custom 3D interface for TauntMe.
  • Power Taunts:
    • Ability to Taunt in a Radius and would effect surrounding players.
  • Cool-downs:
    • Prevention of spamming taunts.
  • Toggle:
    • This will allow the ability to toggle if you want to be taunted or not.
    • This may also need option to bypass a users toggle.
  • DropBox Database:
    • Would eventually be nice to be able to call the sounds from a personal or public DropBox.
    • This would allow for Taunts to be stored outside the pack, thus resulting in a clean install of a servers resource pack with out the bulk of audio files you may use.