Create a Blog

We can help build your blog in a simple way with our blog creation service. We can help entise users to your blog with our quality reviewing skills and we can help promote your blog too.

Website Design and Creation

Do you want a cool website and domain for promoting a small business, advertising a YouTube channel, or even showing off your resume? Click the button below if you want a professional website today!

Build A YouTube Channel*

We can help build your YouTube channel from scratch and we can rise it up to a huge part of your career. Do you want 10K subs? Let us help you.

*- NTG Developer is not responsible for any copyright claims or strikes that occur on your assets that are leased to you or anything else that was designed by NTG Developer. To prevent this, please alert us about any copyright infringing content before creating. We will not be helping or being responsible for any harm.

Stream on Twitch

Twitchis one of the biggest streaming sites in the world. If you want professionally designed overlays and panels, along with streaming recommendations, then contact us.

Professionally Design a Discord Server

Need a cool-looking Discord server for your fans? Maybe you run a gaming channel that maybe was created by us ;) and you want an easy way to make announcements to your fans. Well, let us help you build your army on Discord. Contact us now.