Beaufort Wind Scale - The weatherman says to expect 10 knot winds, what type of conditions should I expect on the water? Check out the Beaufort Wind Scale.

Are you looking for wind? Find it at Windfinder!

Hypothermia, Drowning and Cold-Water Survival.pdf Know your limits and dress for immersion while kayaking.

Cold water by definition is water 59ºF and less. The water in the Puget Sound remains cold year round. Check here for average temperatures.

Tides and currents must be accounted for when planning a trip in the Sound. Here’s a handy tool for predicting tides and currents.

Here’s another super cool tool to check out currents! NOAA Charts with animated tides and currents. (Requires Microsoft Silverlight).

Check out river flows at the USGS Washington Water Science Center page.

Wear a PFD! Personal Floatation Devices Prevent Freakin’ Drowning!

Many boat launch areas have a loaner life jacket program. Check here for more info. Many retailers listed under Suppliers and Supporters sell life jackets specifically designed for kayaking.