Trial Run of the Deception Pass DASH

Trial Run of the Deception Pass DASH

We will meet at Bowman Bay and run the Deception Pass DASH race course. This is a training exercise and not an actual race. We will paddle the 6.5 mile course which leaves from Bowman Bay, goes around Deception Island then to the bridge, passing on the south side of Pass Island over to and around Strawberry Island then head back through Canoe Pass back around Deception Island finishing in Bowman Bay. The skill set of the paddlers will determine the time we launch.

Bring your Discover Pass, dress for cold water/cold weather/rain...We will not stop during our DP DASH trial run but will after we all finish our practice paddle, so good to bring warm drink and a lunch.

When: October 28, 2017

Rating: II-A depending on wind. Paddle distance is 6.5 miles.

For details and to sign up, contact Bill Porter -