North Sound Sea Kayaking Association


It's a new year, so remember that dues are due. Quite the bargain for fun, safety and companionship on the water. Details on the About Us page. New in 2019: You can pay with Paypal!

Coming up

February 3 pool session.

February 7 meeting. Presentation on good outings for entry-level kayaking skills.

March 7 meeting. "What Could Possibly Go Wrong?" -- a safety discussion.

Pool Sessions!

Cold weather's here so let's go inside and practice our skills. We've got four sessions on the calendar starting in November. An instructor will be at each session to help with whatever you want to work on, from strokes to rescues to rolls and braces. Cost is $20 per kayak, and $10 for a second person sharing a kayak. Paddlers may share a boat. Planning to attend? To sign up, contact Jon Todd.

February 3 (Sun), 4:30-6:00

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