National Symposium on

Stable Isotopes’ Applications in Natural Sciences

December 22, 2016

Framework of the Symposium

The field of stable isotopes has expanded tremendously, from its earliest uses, geochemists and paleo-oceanographers have developed a rigorous theoretical and empirical basis for the integration of isotopes into studies of global element cycles, past climatic conditions, hydrothermal vent systems, and tracing rock sources. Similarly, plant biologists, ecologists, and environmental chemists have developed the theoretical framework and the empirical database for the use of isotopes to study plants and animals.

The natural abundance isotope signatures can be used to find patterns and mechanisms at the single organism level as well as to trace food webs, understand paleo-diets, and follow whole ecosystem nutrient cycling in both terrestrial and marine systems. So, keeping at centre, the significance of the Stable isotopes realm, this symposium is design to enlighten its applications in research as well as curriculum.

Venue: Conference Hall, Maharshi Dayanand College Sri Ganganagar-335001

Sponsor: University Grant Commission New Delhi

Participation: As General participant

Registration: Register online at our weblink

Participants: Researchers/Academicians/Students from Physical, Chemical, Biological, Ecological, Geological Sciences

Registration Fee:

Students: Rs 300/- Teachers: Rs 500/- Other Participants: Rs 500/-

Lodging: On Demand (Self Paid/Subsidised)

Allowances: T.A., As per UGC rule and allocated fund availability

Complimentary: Symposium Kit, Participation Certificate, Tea, Meal

Focused Area: Geological and Ecological processes

Chief Patron: Ch. Santosh Kumar Saharan President, College Governing Committee

Patron: Dr. R.S. Punia, Director College Governing Committee

Chairman: Dr. Rajesh Dhingra, Principal Maharshi Dayanand College

Convener: G.S. Malhotra, Sr. Lecturer, Department of Environmental Sc.