Neural + Symbolic Representation & Reasoning


The rapid progress in artificial intelligence over the past decade has been driven by two fundamental forces: massive symbolic knowledge resources (such as Freebase, WordNet, DBPedia, Wikidata, ConceptNet, NELL) and a renaissance of neural computation techniques (attentional mechanisms, distributional semantics, BiLSTMs, Transformers). The core problems of representation and reasoning can now be viewed from two complementary perspectives: that of symbolic or language-grounded representations or from that of continuous, vector-spaces used in neural methods. Many of the major breakthroughs in knowledge base construction will be at the confluence of these two research streams. The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers at the frontier of each of these fields and build new, successful collaborations for neuro-symbolic methods.

Call for Papers

We solicit new and visionary work on neural and symbolic methods for representation and reasoning. Examples of relevant topics include:

  • Extensions and integrations of disparate symbolic representations
  • Methods for neural reasoning in high-dimensional vector spaces
  • Seamless translations between symbolic and neural representation and reasoning
  • Improving representational convergence of symbolic and neural methods
  • Symbolic interpretations for explaining neural reasoning
  • Analogical reasoning from neural or symbolic perspectives

We will accept:

  • 2-page extended abstracts
  • 4-page short papers
  • 8+-page extended versions of conference papers

Page limits do not include any references.

All papers will be non-archival and presented as posters or contributed talks.

Please submit papers via EasyChair:

Important Dates

    • Submission Deadline: 4/26/19
    • Paper Notifications: 5/5/19
    • Final version: 5/10/19
    • Workshop: 5/22/19


The workshop will be co-located with the 1st conference on Automated Knowledge Base Construction at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Events will take place at:

Old Chapel University of Massachusetts Amherst 144 Hicks Way Amherst Massachusetts 01003

Invited Speakers

Matt Gardner (AI2)

Tom Kwiatkowski (Google)

Henry Lieberman (MIT)


Program Committee