National Symposium


Multidimensional Aspects of Spectroscopy

17-18 November 2017

Organized by

Department of Physics, Deen Dayal Upadhayaya Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur

in association with

Laser and Spectroscopy Society of India

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The Department of Physics is in the 60th year of its foundation. The founder Head of the Department was Professor Devendra Sharma, a renowned spectroscopist of his time. Specialization in spectroscopy at post-graduate level also started since the inception of the department. Therefore, in the diamond jubilee year of establishment, the department is going to organize a two day National Symposium on Multidimensional Aspects of Spectroscopy’, dedicated to the memory of Prof. Devendra Sharma.

Motivation: Spectroscopy is the study of interaction of matter with electromagnetic radiation through absorption, emission, scattering etc. It provides not only the experimental basis for quantum mechanics but also allows information about the interacting material. It has applications in almost all branches of science – physics, astronomy, chemistry, biology, materials etc., making it truly interdisciplinary. Spectroscopy gives the understanding of energy levels in atoms and molecules and is primarily used for structural characterization of molecules. Today it is applied in a wide variety of scientific and industrial applications - from functional materials to pharmaceutical industry, from terrestrial remote sensing to distant stars and galaxies, The symposium aims to cover these multidimensional aspects of spectroscopy and to provide a forum bringing together eminent scientists and young researchers/students.

Scope/Topics: The symposium will cover all aspects of spectroscopy and its applications. Some of the topics to be covered during the conference are outlined below:

* Astronomy and Astrophysics * Atmospheric and Environmental Studies

* Bulk and Nano-materials * Polymers and Biological Systems

* Experimental Techniques * Theoretical and Computational Studies

Call for papers:

During the symposium experts will be invited to deliver review lectures. Research work related to the symposium theme may also be presented in oral/poster form. Short abstracts of all presentations must be submitted in a simple editable word document with Times New Roman 12 point font.

Abstracts submission deadline 5th November, 2017


All participants need to register for access to the symposium programs and kit. The registration fee for -

Faculty and Scientist - Rs. 2000/-

Young researchers / students - Rs. 1000/-


All range of hotels are available in the city. The participants may book as per their choice. More hotel information will be updated on this website.

Gorakhpur is a major city in eastern Uttar Pradesh and is well connected by train to all parts of the country. There is also direct flight connectivity with Delhi and Kolkata. ‘Gita Press’ and ‘Gorakhnath Temple’ are local attractions. Kapilvastu (100km), Kushinagar (50km) and Maghar (25km) are tourist attractions well connected to Gorakhpur. During November the weather is usually pleasant. Light warm clothing will be sufficient.


Patron: Prof. V. K. Singh, Vice-Chancellor, DDU Gorakhpur University

Convener: Sugriva Nath Tiwari, Professor & Head, Department of Physics, DDUGU

Organizing Secretary: Shantanu Rastogi, Professor, Department of Physics, DDU GU

Last date for confirming interest and submitting abstract 5th November, 2017

Contact: e-mail:

Contact numbers: 9335631805 (SR), 9450884082 (SNT)