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I am David Woodcock a Norfolk landscape photographer based in Norwich, UK. All of my images below have a link to Photo4me, a professional online website supplying high quality products such as prints, framed prints, canvas and acrylics in different sizes. All products are supplied in high resolution without the logo. See my Homepage to find out more about the products available.

Norfolk Landscape Photographer Gallery

Boathouse on Hickling Broad in Norfolk

Boathouse on Hickling Broad - Picture ID: #809719

Happisburgh Lighthouse in Norfolk

Happisburgh Lighthouse - Picture ID: #741476

Cley Windmill in Norfolk

Cley Mill and Marshes - Picture ID: #804212

Hickling Broad Boathouses in Norfolk

Hickling Boathouses - Picture ID: #809808

Beach Huts at Wells Next The Sea in Norfolk

Beach Huts at Wells Next The Sea - Picture ID: #802533

Beach at Wells Next The Sea in Norfolk

Wells Next The Sea - Picture ID: #802321

Harbour at Wells Next The Sea in Norfolk

Harbour at Wells Next The Sea - Picture ID: #803682

Cromer Pier in Norfolk

Cromer Pier at High Tide - Picture ID: #800475

Coltishall Common in Norfolk

Coltishall Common - Picture ID: #806249

Hay Bales in a Norfolk Field

Hay Bales in a Norfolk Field - Picture ID: #741079

River Wensum Norwich - Picture ID: #741639

Fye Bridge Norwich - Picture ID: #741843

Quayside Norwich - Picture ID: #818720

The Waterfront Norwich - Picture ID: #819301

The Market & City Hall Norwich - Picture ID: #803973

Provision Market Norwich - Picture ID: #806495

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Photography and the Norfolk Landscape

As a professional landscape photographer, I photograph lots of different subjects. Whenever weather conditions are at their best or worst, that is when I try to find some time to photograph the countryside.

Many of my shots are planned beforehand. I keep a list of subjects that I would like to photograph. When conditions are right I get to my location about 30 minutes before I intend to take the shot. If weather conditions change, a sunset does not develop or the lighting is not as I want it I go home and return at a later date.

There are so many locations to visit that are local to me. So my plan is to visit the places on my list when weather conditions are at their best.

As a consequence of the different soil types the habitats and wildlife in Norfolk are diverse. I particularly love photographing the Norfolk coast. Norfolk has a long coast with cliffs and wide sandy beaches. There are also beautiful woodlands, areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the beautiful City of Norwich. These habitats attract holiday makers, walkers, boating types and a multitude of birds.

The County also has 124 flint round tower churches. That is an amazing statistic given there are only 185 surviving examples in the whole Country.

Places To Visit in Norfolk

Norfolk is a large county that juts out out into the North Sea, on the east coast of England. It is well known for being flat and consequently for it's panoramic skies. However the county's reputation for being flat is somewhat exaggerated. If you have never visited Norfolk you will probably be surprised to find that much of the county is a gentle undulating landscape.

Norfolk has the most fantastic beaches with miles of golden sand where you can normally get away from the crowds. They are also some of the best places for landscape photography.

In some areas of Norfolk the soil is dry and sandy. This consequently results in high temperatures by day and cool temperatures by night. Places such as Santon Downham in Breckland just over the Norfolk border in Suffolk, often record the highest and lowest temperatures of the county during the day. Due to the poor soil the surrounding pine woodland is often stunted and twisted in its growth.

Elsewhere in the county of Norfolk there is some of the wettest and richest land in England. This is ideal for agriculture. Agriculture and tourism are two areas where the County thrives.

To the east is the Broads, an area of rivers, man made lakes and marshes. It has National Park status. With 125 miles of lock free navigable waterways the area is a great place to enjoy a holiday by hiring a boat.

To the south of the beautiful County of Suffolk.

The City of Norwich

The capital of Norfolk, situated on the River Wensum and with a population of over 200,000 people the City of Norwich has:-

  • Two Universities

  • A Norman Castle (that is a museum and art gallery)

  • Two Cathedrals

  • Cobbled Streets (such as Elm Hill)

  • A vibrant shopping area with two shopping malls (Chapelfield and Castle Mall)

  • A famous outdoor provision market

  • Lots of independent shops in the Lanes.

The provision market shown in some of the images above is dominated by city Hall a 1930's Art Deco style of building with a clock tower that accommodates staff working for the council. Also nearby is the Guild Hall and the lovely Royal Arcade with independent shops, that is an early version of a shopping mall.

The City has lots of fine architecture and public parks. There are also lots of museums, churches and pubs to visit. Around London Street and Gentleman's Walk, the roads are pedestrianised and consequently there is little traffic.

With a bus and train station, plus an airport, there are fairly easy transport links in and out of the City.