BIMM 2018 @Stourport

The Bewdley International Mountain Marathon (BIMM) takes place this year in nearby (and less mountainous) Stourport. Please register using the form below.

Event base is the Brinton Arms, Bewdley Road DY13 8XX. Grid ref SO 828721. Stay for a drink or a meal after your run. Pub website is

Registration 1820 –1850 hrs Start 1900 hrs. Entry fee per map: Seniors £4 Juniors £1

Format: 15 minute prologue (1 mile, 5 checkpoints) followed by a maximum 75-minute score format (20 checkpoints, in 10 pairs, that can be visited in any order)

Map: OOM street map at 1:10,000. This being a Russ event, the map is not guaranteed for accuracy. Prologue uses a section of an antique OS map.

Electronic timing using Sport Ident. Please bring your SI-Card to registration. SI-Cards may be hired for £1. You will also need a pen to write down the codes at checkpoints, and a watch to check you're not going too far over time.

Participants take part at their own risk. You will need a torch or headlamp. Hi-vis clothing is recommended. THIS IS NOT A RACE and participants should prioritise their own safety and enjoyment, rather than speed. Running in pairs/groups is allowed. Under-16s must be accompanied by an adult.

Organiser: Adrian Bailey 07444 002954

More detailed details...

Mass start 7 pm. Late starts possible up to 7.30 pm.

Part 1 A5 map sheet + questions (about 15 minutes)

Orienteering on 100-year-old six-inch-scale OS map. Course length 1.5 km, 5 controls. Of course modern streets and buildings are not shown, so you will need to navigate to the locations. Answer a question at each control. Each correct answer = 25 points. (Total for part 1 = 125 points)

When complete, punch PART 2 START checkpoint at finish location shown on old map.

Part 2 A3** map sheet at 1:10,000 (45-75 minutes) 20 controls

Checkpoints are paired. If you only get one of the pair, you get 10 points. If you get both of the pair, you get 50 points. (Total points for part 2 = 10 x 50 = 500) Maximum distance between a pair of checkpoints = 1 mile.

The map shows the checkpoints but does not show the pairings. Each checkpoint has on it: the number of its pair, and a code letter which you have to write down to show that you have been to the checkpoint.

e.g. at checkpoint 5 it might say: 14 K, so write down “K” in box 5, and go to checkpoint 14 at some point if you want the 40 bonus points. (At checkpoint 14 it might say 5 Q - “Q” is the code to write in box 14, and 5 is the number of its pair.)

As long as you bear in mind the importance of collecting pairs of checkpoints, you can do the checkpoints in any order. (I thought this was kinder than forcing you to do a pair of checkpoints before moving on to the next pair.)

Time limit for part 2: 75 minutes. Finish is located in front of the pub. NO PENALTY FOR GOING OVER TIME, BUT IF YOU'RE 15+ MINUTES LATE BACK YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.

Straight line distance to complete all checkpoints – 12.5 km!

** I'm hoping that the map will actually be closer to A4.

Seven spot prizes: W60+ (45mins) M60+ (60mins) W40+ (60mins) M40+ (75 mins) W16+ (60 mins) M16+ (75 mins) Junior (45mins) - times in brackets are the race times (for part 2) that the prizes will be based on, but participants are free to choose how long they want to stay out for.


  1. Time of Sunday service _____
  2. Name of building H _______________
  3. House number 12 / 20 / 28
  4. Last item on sign F_____________
  5. Go left to number ____