Survey Materials

NSF Civic Challenge - The Connect KC

Why we need your expertise:

We’re trying to gather information about how students get around KC - we want to know what kinds of transportation you use to do that. Our goal is to improve access to transportation for all young people in KC and your input will be a big help. Your voices and your experiences will enable us to build solutions that better support young people in KC.

We know that sometimes adults or researchers ask you to do stuff that doesn’t feel connected to your everyday lives; we hope getting your input begins to change that.

You’ll want to skip through and answer the questions quickly, but we are asking you to instead take your time and answer each question thoughtfully. The output - what is created from this process - is only as good as the inputs - your expertise.

As payment for your time, you will receive a $15 debit card. Please keep this card because the researchers can add more money to it if you decide to participate in future research opportunities.

As of 3/17/2022

Thank you to 800+ students that responded to the survey. You are appreciated!!

  • If you are having problems with the debit card:

1. Check out the FAQs below

2. Reach out to the teacher / librarian / principal that asked you to complete the survey.

3. In Jackson County, email In Wyandotte County, email Make sure to provide your full name, school name, and Token # listed on the document that came with the card.