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CoL Lead Principle: Ms Chris Allen, principal of Carmel College.

The focus of this cluster is on student achievement – and for us, it is looking at achievement and success in its widest sense. I am excited about the possibilities that this initiative opens up for all of our students. These possibilities include being able to share the collective expertise from all these schools to improve the learning outcomes for all of our students in a more cohesive and coherent way. And this is a model that is underpinned by our Special Character in action.·

Across-School Leader: Catherine MacKisack.

I teach Science and Biology at Carmel College and have taught most year groups in my time here. The goals for our CoL are about teaching and learning and providing opportunities for all students to excel. Collaboration is becoming increasingly important to us as educators and a CoL will allow us to explore how we can benefit from each other’s expertise. Link to inquiry

Across-School Leader: Jill Marsh

I was trained and worked in schools for 12 years in the North West of England, before arriving arrived in New Zealand in 1999. I have worked in both Primary and Intermediate Schools in Auckland.

I now teach at St John’s School and have taught most year groups in my time here. I was the Assistant Principal at St John’s for a number of years and have temporarily resigned from that role to focus on my Kāhui Ako role this year. I am passionate about encouraging collaboration across schools. The North Shore Catholic Schools’ Kāhui Ako has allowed us to explore how we can benefit from each other’s expertise to achieve better outcomes for all our students.

Across-Schools: Helen Perry

I am a primary trained teacher and have taught in the North Shore Catholic Kāhui Ako for 3 years, initially as a Year 8 teacher at Carmel College and now currently as a Year 6 teacher at St John’s School. I am thoroughly enjoying my Across School Leader role as I get to know and work with such fabulous teachers from all our Kāhui Ako schools. I enjoy being a classroom teacher and using inquiry to improve the learning outcomes for all my students, especially in their development of a Growth Mindset

Across-Schools: Tony Hill

Introducing Tony Hill, from Rosmini, our newly appointed Across School leader. Tony originally comes from the UK but has held a variety of educational roles in NZ. He has worked as a community Sports' Coordinator in Hamilton where he worked with over 10 schools on their strategic plans for PE and Health and also as Senior Curriculum Leader at Avondale College.

Tony is keen to use his collaborative skills to continue to build our learning community and to support our within school leaders in leading collaborative inquiry groups.

The North Shore Catholic Schools Col Team

The North Shore Catholic Schools Col Team


Rosmini within school

Karen Falconridge

Karen Ashton

Noah Meggitt

Peter Keeling

Navin Kumar

Paula Pierce

John Smith

Carmel within school

Anna O'Farrell

Tina Peters

Marion Roser

Fiona Sahinkaya

Elizabeth Walker

Henry Whipp

Maree Pervan

St John's within school

Beverley Harper

Stella Maris within-Schools

Olwyn Hobman

Tracey Law

St Joseph' s within-Schools

Ingrid Young

Gemma Strother

St Leo's within Schools

Adrienne Williams

St Mary's within-schools

SJ Park

Kathryn O'Brien