National Puerto Rican student Coalition

Who We Are

We are a Puerto Rican focused student Coalition which main goal is to create a national network of Puerto Rican students by establishing strategic partnerships with Puerto Rican student organizations in universities around the nation.

Our Plan

  • Identify universities that have Puerto Rican student organizations, and establish strategic partnerships with those organizations.
  • Identify a contact person in each partner organization.
  • Identify a State Delegate that will act as primary contact between the Coalition and partner organizations in each particular State.
  • Identify universities that have wide Puerto Rican representation but do not have their own student organization, and facilitate the process to organize those students.

Our Goal

  • Connect Puerto Rican organizations and student leaders in the different universities around the nation.
  • Ensure organized Puerto Rican student representation in the different universities around the nation, and expand opportunities for Puerto Rican students.
  • Establish a unified and shared agenda between the Puerto Rican student leaders from around the nation.

Our Leadership

Jose Luis Rivera-Rivera

Founder & Executive Director

Alejandro Chardon

Associate Director