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Milk produced by Holy Cow Organic at Eastfield Farm, North Perrott, is available to purchase 24hrs a day, 7 days a week from the vending machine at our farm shop.

Payment can be made by card or cash and there is other local produce available from a carousel vending machine alongside, which will also stock reusable bottles for the milk.

What are the benefits of buying milk from our vending machine?

1. Our milk is from the Holy Cow Organic Jersey herd at Eastfield Farm, North Perrott. You can truly taste the difference of the extra creaminess and flavour of Jersey milk. Organic farming is less intensive and gentler on animals and the environment

2. Low food miles = reduced transport energy and cost - 556 meters from the milking parlour to the farm shop (as the crow flies).

3. Reduced packaging - Bring your own container or buy a reusable glass bottle from us.

4. Reduced processing - Whole-Milk comes directly from the cow. is gently pasteurised in the milking parlour and delivered to the vending machine in sealed stainless steel churns. It is not homogenised or mixed with milk from other herds. This means it has the full attributes of Jersey milk, including the great taste and the lovely cream that floats to the top of the bottle. Want a glass of semi-skimmed? Simply pour off the cream first. Prefer the great taste of Whole-Milk? Just give it a shake before pouring. It's the real deal "Gold Top" that everyone used to love before large scale milk processing gave us homogenised milk.

5. What is the difference between Raw-Milk and Whole-Milk? The only difference is that Whole-Milk has been gently pasteurised to remove any chance of harmful bugs. Because of the perceived dangers of Raw-Milk, environmental health officers (EHO) will only allow the sale of Raw-Milk directly from the producer's farm. In all other respects, Whole-Milk has the same benefits in terms of flavour, creaminess and low carbon footprint compared to processed milk.