Adult Braces

Adult braces and the growing market

Most people relate cosmetic dentistry braces to little kids and teens alone. However, the treatment has gained immense popularity even among older people. The devices can be used to treat a variety of dental problems such as, bad bites or malocclusion. Misaligned jawbone leading to negative teeth alignment and formation can also be treated with braces.

Types of adult braces:

The course that dentists take with a patient’s teeth will depend upon the severity of their misalignment. Different types of braces are used to deal with different grades of dental problems. The most popular kinds are the brackets. They comprise of thin wires, set around the teeth. Brackets are generally made from plastic, ceramics and metal. Metal is believed to be the most long-lasting while ceramics and plastic are simply for aesthetic purposes. The most state of the art are the lingual braces that are set at the back of the teeth.

Another recent technology developed by dental science is Invisalign. It is a clear brace system that can strengthen the teeth with customized clear plastic. The benefit of Invisalign is that it permits patients to brush and floss normally to decrease the chances of decay and stains caused by braces. There are no limitations for Invisalign because these prosthetics can be removed easily. They are a better option than the traditional painful devices. In fact, the comfort and look offered in this treatment beats any other cosmetic dentistry treatment used for correcting misaligned teeth these days.

The cost:

The price of the braces varies from state to state and clinic to clinic. You should expect a fee of around $1,500 on average for limited treatment of one year. Orthodontic treatment that involves a full set of braces normally lasts for about two years. It is important to choose a dental clinic wisely. Apart from the cost, make sure the clinic has an emergency dental clinic, in case of an urgency.

Do adult braces require extra care?

  1. Avoid eating crusty, hard, tough food.
  2. Some food items need to be prepared specially to be consumed while wearing braces.
  3. Avoid sweets.
  4. Avoid aerated drinks
  5. Brush your teeth after every small or large meal.

Gone are the days, when having bad teeth as an adult meant living with the curse forever. Today, thanks to the development in dental science, doctors have come out with a variety of orthodontic procedures and dental implants that cater to people facing all kinds of dental problems. If Invisalign seems like an expensive treatment patients can always opt for traditional procedures that turn out to be a lot more affordable. It is best to consult a doctor for the best treatment. ow