Synopsis of each book

Chain of Deceit Book 1 is about a failed plan to end World War II makes it easy for a group of ruthless men to create a black-market ring. One that would run for more than fifty years before being discovered. A ring that was run by high ranking members or the United States Government. This is the start of a series that touches on many aspects of our lives, military, politics, love, hate, greed and much more. Take a chance and lets see where we can go with the series.

Retribution Book 2 is a continuation of book 1 when a shipment of Gold which was bound for the Third Reich which never arrived and considered lost at sea has been found and is now on the salvage ship Phantom on its way to England. Renegade ex-members formally from the Irish Republican Army have learned of the gold and will do anything to get it for themselves. Set on killing as many of the English Royal family and this will be a way to attain a nuclear weapon to be detonated in London, thus eliminating the entire Royal family. Meanwhile in the United States the FBI has just broken a black market ring which may have been responsible for the death of the President of the United States. Davin Pierce, a retired Army Master Sergeant working as a treasure hunter is on board the Phantom with his team. Unaware that they are about to lose what they have worked hard to recover.

T-Minus 36, Book 3, continues where book 2 leaves us, Asking the question "What would happen if you were the President of the United States and you just learned that terrorist had 10 nuclear warheads in your country?" Well it all started early one morning off the coast of a small uninhabited island in the southern Caribbean, Captain Mikhail Petrovich Viktorov sat quietly in his stateroom, sipping vodka. His boat sat at idle in a shallow cove with his crew working hard just outside his door. He was waiting for his crew to finish preparation of the TK-17, a Soviet Typhoon Class Nuclear Submarine, lovingly known to the crew and most of the world as “Terminator”. Captain Viktorov would soon give the order to head out to sea and start the next phase of the plan, ah yes, the plan; they had the gold paid to them for firing a missile at London; they also had a lot of nuclear warheads to use in the execution of holding the United States of America hostage. In the next few days, they would be leaving this boat adrift off the coast of Florida and head on shore in the remaining life boats. Most of the crew had been dropped off in a secluded cove on the shore of Abaco Island, leaving only the most senior members of the crew to run the boat to the final departure point and head to a beach north of Fort Pierce, where they had arranged for several other members of the crew to meet them with several vans and three large sedans. Six crew members had been dropped off early the week before to secure vehicles and accommodations for the twenty remaining members left to bring the boat to its final resting place, about five hundred yards off the coast of Florida. Unknown to the Captain, some of the remaining members had other plans and they were about to execute their own bit of terror on the United States. And if the Captain did not agree with it then he would have to be eliminated. Several days later TK-17 was discovered and towed to Norfolk Naval Station, placed in a secure dry dock and was now being searched by Navy experts and Naval Intelligence. It was discovered that one complete missile warhead was missing, which consisted of 10 nuclear warheads, each capable of destroying a reasonable sized city by itself. The computer techs also found that the computer system had been tampered with and the remainder of the warheads were armed and would detonate within 36 hours. Davin Pierce, Josh Randal, Connie and Stephanie are joined by Captain Henderson and his team to locate the missing warheads and to disarm TK-17 before destroying mankind. Where are the missing warheads, the crew and what about the stash of pirate gold found in the Captain's safe?

Final Report Book 4, is far from the final but under extreme conditions in order to save the lives of millions, the President of the United States allowed himself to be kidnapped. Josh Randal and Davin Pierce are tasked to rescue him. They are supported by a Special Operations Group (SOG) led by Major Skylar Hamilton. Why the two CIA Field Agents were tasked to make this rescue is unknown to them. As they get further into the assignment, they run into many anticipated complications and many more that were not. Political powers are plotting to ensure the President does not survive the rescue, and his rescuers are deemed expendable. They want the President dead and will sacrifice America to make it happen. Follow Pierce, Randal and the SOG team into a political nightmare teamed with treason, deception and murder.

Wounded Eagle, book 5 is a story about what could happen to the United States when attacked by terrorist forces bent on total destruction of the American way of life. Although seriously wounded, America is slowly attempting to recover while continuing to combat terrorists and other unknown forces. Boston, Dallas, Denver, and several other major cities have suffered devastating losses. Nuclear warheads had been detonated in Boston and Denver resulting in the murder of many members of Congress, including the Speaker of the House, National Security Adviser, and countless others. President Mitchell is still recovering from his kidnapping and the death of his wife. While operating with limited staff and congressional support, he is doing his best to save his country, the United States, from total destruction. American blood has been spilled and the country wants revenge.

Meanwhile, Davin Pierce and Josh Randal, two near-retiring CIA field operatives, are called in to assist in the recovery of a stolen, highly classified, portable hard drive containing information that could start World War III if the encryption was broken. With the assistance of some high tech equipment and trained agents from multiple organizations, Davin Pierce and Josh Randal dive head first into the search only to discover it went deeper than expected. Life in the slow lane of running covert operations from behind a desk has just changed lanes and gone ballistic.

Schutzstaffel (SS) Rising, Book 6, America has suffered several devastating attacks causing the death of millions of its citizens, and now the mastermind behind all that has happened has decided to bring America to her knees with his final plan, the taking of Washington DC. His plan has been in motion for years culminating with the rise of his NAZI followers who have been training and waiting for the day to attack. The time has come and Gregory Dietrich, commander of the Nazi movement has ordered commencement, his troops are ready, Washington has no idea what lies ahead.

With the birth of twins by Davin’s wife Connie, he is overly worried about this mission; but when duty calls, he is the first in line to answer the call even though it means leaving his family. He and his partner, Josh, head off in search of the terrorist that almost killed him in Mexico. Davin Pierce and Josh Randal have been chasing this terrorist who had escaped and been one step ahead of them the entire way only to be stopped again while on his heels. Unknown to either of them is that there is a mole in the CIA who has been keeping the terrorist Bormann informed of their activities.

The Island, Book 7, steps into the future in the year 2031. Our main characters have grown older and in some cases bolder. Technology has become more of a way of life for everyone, especially gamers. Things that we know to be real and true are not necessarily real or true in the future. Our FBI and CIA are working against criminals with the money and background to fabricate the unbelievable and make it seem so real that they can fool anyone into believing what they see. A rash of kidnappings have the FBI up in arms. Among the kidnapped victims is the CIA Director, Josh Randal and his wife. Davin Pierce, who recently retired from the company, is called back to active duty to help with the search and rescue of his friends. Finding out that his twin children were also kidnapped while attending a local university makes it more than personal. Come along with Davin and his team on an adventure into a technologically advanced world that brings new meaning to the words, "Don't believe everything you see."

Target, Book 8, picks up where 'The Island' left off. America has been the target of many countries, some large and others small that only thought they were large. Target brings to the forefront a former scientist, Rocky Soto, who had been fired as director of the Research and Development Department of the CIA. He feels he was fired for the wrong reasons and wants revenge. He teams up with North Korea and the remains of ISIS in an attempt to carry out his goal of destruction of the people that fired him. Davin Pierce and Josh Randal with the help of their wives, Pierce’s children and the CIA, FBI and DHS are on the scene to stop the destruction of America. But can they stop a man that knows the inner workings of the CIA, is a genius in his own right and is borderline insane? Target takes us to new heights in what an insane genius will do to accomplish his goal.

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