Shown above are the covers for my novels, click on any cover to be taken to the Amazon page for that book.

Besides being a writer of Fiction I am a pilot, scuba instructor, photographer and father. Born into a military family which traveled a lot, I read a lot of books to pass the time while growing up and constantly changing military bases. I enjoy reading and read at least two books a month, sometimes more. I joined the Army in 1969 and spent the next 20 plus years serving my country. I presently live in Arizona with my wife and my German Shepard, Ginger. I enjoy writing and hope you enjoy reading my books.

You can purchase any of my books in softcover or on an electronic method such as Kindle, Nook, computer, tablet and a few in Audio format. I have added a brief synopsis of each book on the next page. The Chain of Deceit series can be read in any order, but the best way is to start in the beginning with book 1.

I am presently working on several more books. The continuation of 'Chain of Deceit' with 'Vengeance' coming out later this year. I have recently released a new children's book called 'Little Star'. Watch here for updates.

Just wanted to add one more thing, I have recently launched my new photograph website and would like to invite you to visit and take a look, I have linked up with several company's to product a variety of products from coffee mugs to mouse pads with photographs that I have taken over the years. The site is easy to remember and I hope you enjoy it, as I will be adding more photos to it as quickly as I can so check back often.

Enjoy reading and my photos! Thank you for your support.

D.A. McIntosh