Chain of Deceit Book 1 is about a failed plan to end World War II makes it easy for a group of ruthless men to create a black-market ring. One that would run for more than fifty years before being discovered. A ring that was run by high ranking members or the United States Government. This is the start of a series that touches on many aspects of our lives, military, politics, love, hate, greed and much more. Take a chance and lets see where we can go with the series.

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Deception in life comes in all sizes, colors, forms and times. Who can you trust, are your eyes seeing what you think you are seeing or is it an illusion. With the invention of a personal holographic generator people can be whom ever they want to be at anytime and any place. Once a criminal gets their hands on one life becomes extremely difficult to decide what is real or just an illusion or in this case a deception. Our criminal masterminds are changing the meaning of deception and illusion at the turn of every corner. They can be whom ever they want and do what ever they want and put the blame on someone else. The Colonel has a small army of mercenaries and has decided to make life for ex-president Ted Graves and his daughter Allison a living nightmare. At the same time the colonel is doing the same to Monica Teach, Amber Pierce, the CIA, FBI and local police as well. The colonel is smart and is well funded. How can they stop the colonel, or can they? This is a story of survival for our targets and for the colonel, follow along and see who wins and loses. Deception, greed and the desire to destroy are the bottom line.

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Besides being a writer of Fiction I am a pilot, scuba instructor, photographer and father. Born into a military family which traveled a lot, I read a lot of books to pass the time while growing up and constantly changing military bases. I enjoy reading and read at least two books a month, sometimes more. I joined the Army in 1969 and spent the next 20 plus years serving my country.

My wife and Ginger , my German Shepard, are nomads of sorts, we travel around the country working here and there but enjoying life on the open road. Recently spent the summer at Pactola Lake in South Dakota and are presently in Florida. And in 2017 we were in Cody, Wyoming for the summer.

I write my novels when we stop for a while and also take a lot of photos, which I post on my photo web site, Check here for updates on the update page, kind of like a blog but really just updates with pictures.

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I am presently working on several more books. The continuation of 'Chain of Deceit Survival' coming out later this year. I have recently released a new children's book called 'Little Star'. Watch here for updates.

Retribution Book 2

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D.A. McIntosh