the abyss of notmaj4

welcome to the real (in commercially-subsidised google sites civilian edition)

This is the home page (and the current extent) of my personal website. If you want more beyond that, I'll assume you're a freak.


Male, he/him or he/they, cake 27/9, filipino, politically left-leaning, somewhat progressive, environmental, anti-extremistLikes the following: Technology (computers, coding), music (jazz, musical solos, fusion, rock, 60s-modern pop — though mostly retro and international/city pop oriented), transport (cars, trains, planes), culture (people, nations, anime, vtubers specifically a certain shooting star), STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths), politics, astronomy, general knowledge on human societyPolComp (2021-08), 8values (2021-09), 9axes (2021-09), infvalues (2021-09), PolSextant (2021-09)That's all.