Directors needed

We Need Directors

We need at least one more director to create a short video of a band. The short will be used as a memory scene in the main movie.


  • Make something funny and short.


  • Video submitted should be 15 seconds or more.
  • 5-15 seconds of your scene will appear in the main movie.
  • Your video submission can be as long as you want.
    • Example: we are making a whole music video for one band, but only 5-10 seconds of that music video will be in the main movie. The full music video might play before or after the main movie.


  • March 1, 2019


  • Director receives a band name and will be in contact with the actress who must be in the band. This actress will appear in all the band videos.
  • Director decides the rest of the details:
    • costumes and style of the band
    • who is in the band
    • what the band is doing
    • sound or no sound, etc.
  • Any sounds recorded must be original.
  • Email Tom Buhrman if you want to be a director.

Bands that Need Directors

  • The Tears of Gorgainous
  • (or you can suggest a band name)

Bands that Already Have Directors

  • Hamburger Kleenex
    • (Rebekah)
  • Monotheistic Sleepover
    • (Rosie)
  • All My Diseases Are Popular
    • (Tori C)
  • Tea Party Outside the Infinite
    • (Kerry)
  • Weekend Bobcat
    • (Theo)
  • TBA
    • (Andrea)
  • Jennifer’s Awesome Rock Band
    • (Chris)
  • Country Mountain Catastrophe
    • (Anton)
  • The Super Happy Fun Space Cats
    • (Sophia and Fik)
  • Dorgon's Realm
    • (Tom)
  • Most Perfect Swedish
    • (Carin)

More Bands

  • If we have more than 12 directors who want to do this, we can add more bands to this scene.
  • Email: Tom Buhrman

FAQ about band videos

The band name you gave me is crap. I have a better one.

    • Awesome! Let me know your better idea, and we might use that name instead.

Who is the actress that must be in the band video?

    • Her name is Abby, and you will receive her contact info.

In the main movie what does Abby's character do?

    • Her character's name is Monique Diabolique, and she plays guitar.

Does Abby have to play guitar in my band video?

    • No, Abby can play (or fake play) any instrument or no instrument at all for your band video.

Can I work with a real band and just add Abby to it?

    • Yes you can.
    • But you should use our fake name for the band.

What should the band be doing?

    • Anything that a band could possibly do in the real world (play music, drive a van, sleep on the floor, fight, eat, pose for promo shot, make a music video, run around without purpose, sleep in a van, behind the scenes, record a song, etc.) is fair game.

I want to be a director, but I don't know any musicians or actors.

    • No problem.
    • You can still make this video with non-musicians and non-actors.
    • We can help you find people to be in your short video.

I want to be a director, but I don't have a camera.

    • Use your phone to video it.

I want to be a director, but my phone can't shoot video.

    • No problem, we can loan you a device to use.

I want to be a director, but I've never directed anything.

    • Excellent!
    • First time filmmakers are welcome!
    • No experience necessary -- just desire to create a fun scene.

I want to be a director, but I'm a student.

    • No problem!
    • Student directors rock and are welcome.
    • Our youngest director so far is 14.

Can I film my video in 4:3 aspect ratio?

    • Yes, as long as you create your video in landscape format (wider than it is tall), then everything is OK.
    • Try to use 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios.

I want to be a director, but I'm an experienced filmmaker, and I expect to be paid for my work.

    • I totally understand, but you should probably find another project to work with.