Fingerstyle Guitar

Hello, my name is Arithaj Lk. I live in Thailand. I sell fingerstyle guitar sheet music, including Notation + Tablature for those who like to play fingerstyle guitar music. My compositions are slightly based on the classical guitar style. That makes it possible to apply it to playing both classical guitar and acoustic guitar.

Guitar tabs for popular memorable songs include Thai songs, Chinese songs, international songs, Chinese and Korean drama soundtracks, and more.

Guitar tabs arranged to make it easy for beginners. It is also suitable for guitar teachers, musicians, and the general public. Can be adapted for performing and playing well.

Most people usually know about my guitar playing through Youtube Initially, you can choose to buy the guitar tabs that interest you. Or try searching for other guitar tab names. This may include more of your favorite songs.

My playlist

International Fingerstyle Guitar

Chinese & Ost. Fingerstyle Guitar

Korean Drama Ost Fingerstyle Guitar

Thai Fingerstyle Guitar

How to order: You can order in 2 ways.

1. Order through the website (Here I sell only some guitar tabs And I still have a bunch of guitar tabs that I haven't sold yet. must be purchased directly through me)

2. You can order guitar tabs with me directly via email. By paying via Paypal ( and notifying me I will email you the song. The default per-song price is $6 per song (you can use this price to pay). If any songs are priced outside of this price, I will inform you of the price only for that song.

Thank you for your support. Best regards.

Arithaj Lk