Water Quality

Specific Concerns:

  • The permit filed at the State level says that the quarry will pump up to 500,000 gallons of water daily from the water table/aquifer. We are concerned about the impact on neighboring wells, and the aquifer. We are also researching the geology of Snow Camp to understand if this pumping will also pull water from surrounding aquifers, thereby spreading the impact to a much larger area.
  • All of that water has to go somewhere! There are several streams on the site that flow into Reedy Creek and Cane Creek, and which ultimately flow into the Haw River.
  • There are two FEMA flood plains located on the quarry site. Based on recent experiences with Hurricanes Florence and Micheal, we have serious concerns about the potential for flooding on this property, and for contamination of neighboring properties, water sources, and wells by wastewater from the quarry storage ponds. It is also not clear that the proper FEMA flood plain permits have been obtained.