Specific Concerns:

  • Colonial Pipeline runs through a portion of the property. This pipeline carries jet fuel, diesel fuel, kerosene, and gasoline to locations like Fayetteville and RDU Airport. The pipeline was constructed long before any plans to put a quarry in this location, and according to representatives from Colonial neither Alamance Aggregates nor Snow Camp Investment Properities notified them of the proposed quarry. We are seriously concerned about the potential catastrophic effects of blasting and mining near this pipeline!
  • A Duke Energy high-voltage power line also runs through a portion of the site. Similarly, when we contacted Duke Energy they had no knowledge of the proposed quarry. We are concerned about the close proximity of the pipeline and these electric lines to the quarry's area of operations and blasting sites.
  • The Snow Camp Volunteer Fire Department is equipped to respond to emergencies for the residents and small businesses in our area. They were not notified of this potential quarry, and they are not equipped to deal with any potential accidents or disasters resulting from quarry activity.
  • Traffic is also a major concern. The roads around the proposed quarry site are small two-lane roads. These same roads are traveled by school buses taking children to the nearby Sylvan Elementary School, farm tractors and vehicles used in agriculture, and local residents. The impact and routes of the large, heavy trucks transporting stone from the site has not been studied.