Public Hearing Comments

The public hearing is rapidly approaching! Here is some important information for you to know:

How can I be involved?

1. Show Up! We need large numbers of people to come, to show the state that we’re serious about stopping this mine!


2. Provide Written Comments

There are two ways to submit written comments:

1. Print or write out your comments and bring them to the Public Hearing. They can be handed in to the State officials there. Emailed comments are not allowed.

2. Mail your comments for delivery by December 15th to:

Judy Wehner

Division of Energy, Mineral and Land Resources

Department of Environmental Quality

1612 Mail Service Center

Raleigh, NC 27699-1612

Please also send a copy of your written comments to so we can keep a record of everything that was provided to the state.

What should my comments be about?

Comments should focus on the seven denial criteria listed under The Mining Act of 1971 (see the letter from Judy Wehner at the bottom of this post). Several of them do not apply to our situation, so we have summarized below the ones that may:

    • That the mining company is violating the Act or any state rules.
    • That the operation will have unduly adverse effects on potable ground water supplies or wildlife
    • That the operation will violate standards of air quality, surface water quality, or ground water quality
    • That the operation will constitute a direct or substantial physical hazard to public health and safety or to a neighboring dwelling house, school, church, hospital, commercial or industrial building, public road or other public property, excluding matters relating to use of public road
    • That previous experience with similar operations indicates a substantial possibility that the operation will result in substantial deposits of sediment in stream beds or lakes, landslides, or acid water pollution
    • That the applicant or any parent, subsidiary, or other affiliate has not previously violated the Act or state/federal laws and rules related to mining.

These are the only reasons why the state would deny the permit! They will not consider concerns related to property values and taxes, noise, truck traffic, or impacts on the roads. Your comments should focus on facts related to these denial criteria, or the impacts they would have on your health, safety, water supply, or business operations.


3. Sign Up to Speak at the Hearing

If you want to sign up to speak, here is what you need to know:

  • Sign-up will happen at the meeting, starting at 6:30pm
  • Please also email We are scheduling a practice session for next Monday evening, details will follow.
  • Oral presentations will be limited to 3 minutes, and you must provide a written copy of your comments to the hearing officer.
  • PowerPoint or any type of slide presentation is not allowed.

What should I speak about?

The members of the No Snow Camp Mine Steering Committee have spent the past month extensively researching issues related to water and air quality, and making contact with outside groups who would be affected (Colonial Pipeline, Duke Electric, RDU airport, etc).

We already have speakers identified to talk about the specific issues and risks related to water, air, the pipeline and the power line, and the companies involved with the mine.

What we need are individuals who can talk about:

- How contamination of well water, or drying up of wells, would affect the school or your health, home, farm, or business.

- How air pollution would affect your health, farm, or business

- How a rupture or explosion of the pipeline would affect the school, your safety, your home, farm or business.

The message we need to make sure the state hears is This piece of property has way too many risks for the mine to be allowed!

Double click on the image below to open the full-size letter about the public hearing.