Specific Concerns:

  • Studies have shown that properties within a mile of quarries like this lose as much as 20% of their value. This would be a huge financial impact on our residents and area. It would also have an impact on the taxes collected by the County and State.
  • The impact of blasting on neighboring wells, homes, and structures has not been studied. The quarry site is surrounded by homes, farms, and the Snow Camp Baptist Church.
  • Nearby, existing businesses such as the Sport of Horses Park, Wolfe Wines, and the Cypress Creek Renewables Solar Farm were apparently not taken into consideration when the County Permit was approved. The impact on their operations, and the effects of blasting and high truck traffic on local businesses, should be important considerations at the County and State level when considering these types of permits.
  • Snow Camp is a historically-relevant area. Located on the quarry site is the historic Gravel Hill School, and nearby are locations like the Snow Camp Outdoor Theater, the historic Sylvan Elementary School, as well as meeting houses, remnants of mills, and historical homes.
  • The Soapstone Trail lake and dam are located just southeast of the quarry site. The potential effects of blasting on this existing structure, and the threats to surrounding properties in the event of dam failure, have not been studied or considered.