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Public Hearing December 5, 2018

Some key comments are from State Representative Dennis Riddell (time point 7.15 to 10:24) and impacted community member Pam Causey (time point 10:24 to 13:40) and local farmer, Farmer John (time point 13:40 to 16:07).

Community Meeting November 5, 2018

Over 150 residents and friends of the Snow Camp community came out to the Sylvan School ball field to hear, be heard, and find hope in our fight against the snow camp mine!

Alamance County Commissioners Special Meeting October 24, 2018

At this special meeting of the County Commissioners, they unanimously voted to request that a public hearing be held by the State in Alamance County to hear the concerns of the residents of Snow Camp, NC.

Alamance County Commissioners Meeting October 15, 2018

At this meeting, the issue of the proposed crushed stone quarry was first raised by Dr. Gary Ulicny and residents of Snow Camp, NC.

Newspaper Articles:

On the November 5th Community Meeting:

On the October 24, 2018 Special Commissioners Meeting:

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Times News Article April 27, 2020

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