Stop the Snow Camp Mine

We are a group of concerned Snow Camp residents working to protect the health, safety, and welfare of our small community. Check here for updates on what we know, what's happening next, and how you can help! Click on the buttons below for more information or to contact us.

Tell the Alamance Commissioners "NO Quarry in Snow Camp!"

Let's join together to tell them there is too much risk for this quarry to be in our community! Click here (or picture left) to sign our petition!

Please Donate to Fund Our Fight!

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You can also mail a check or cash to:

No Snow Camp Mine

PO Box 721

Snow Camp, NC 27349

Update on Mining Permit from DEQ:

The NC DEQ has completed its first round of reviews of the Alamance Aggregates LLC mining permit application. A letter was sent to the applicant requesting more information (click here or the picture to the right).

If you check the Mining Permit Application Flow Chart, they are at the first "If NO" block where they are requesting additional information.

The letter that Colonial submitted to the DEQ is available, to the right bottom. We are concerned if there are sufficient safeguards being made by Colonial to protect the community from a blast encroachment on their pipeline. According to an engineer at Geosonics, the company who supplied the blast analysis for the Applicant, there are site-specific tests used when blasting near pipelines for strength of blast as well as other factors including delay between charges. We are requesting that the State require a site-specific blast encroachment test from the Applicant. Feel free to politely re-enforce that concern with the NC DEQ.

Colonial Pipeline letter.pdf

Where is the Proposed Mine?

In early 2018, Alamance County approved a permit for a crushed stone quarry on 300+ acres in the middle of Snow Camp. The proposed quarry would be bordered to the north and east by Workman Rd and Quakenbush Rd, to the south by Clark Rd, and to the west by Snow Camp Rd.

The map to the left pinpoints the location of the proposed quarry.