Stop the Snow Camp Mine

We are a group of concerned Snow Camp residents working to protect the health, safety, and welfare of our small community. Check here for updates on what we know, what's happening next, and how you can help! Click on the buttons below for more information or to contact us.

Notice of Public Hearing


9:00 AM

BOCC Meeting Room

2nd Floor

124 W. Elm Street

Graham, NC 27253

Suggested Comments*

1. Express thanks for the new provisions that clarify the measuring of spacing requirements.

Previously, spacing requirements were measured from an ever changing “center of operations”. Now they are measured from the property boundary, removing ambiguity.

2. Express thanks and support for the Commissioners taking the responsibility to issue the permit.

At the October 21 Commissioners meeting, Chairperson Galey expressed her preference for the volunteer Planning Board to issue the permit. We believe that this responsibility belongs with our elected officials.

3. What’s still missing?

a. Ground water protection

We are recommending that the HIDO require the applicant to provide a study that will detail how much water is anticipated to be consumed by their activity, what amount of groundwater withdrawal is safe and sustainable in the immediate vicinity of the use, and if other wells will be affected by such withdrawals.

b. Sediment and Erosion Control

Currently, solar farms enjoy a loophole in the HIDO in that the State does not regulate their stormwater runoff. At the very least, solar farms should be required to comply with erosion and sedimentation controls and vegetation requirements detailed in the Alamance County Subdivision Ordinance.

c. Pipelines and Utility Easements Included as Protected Facilities

Currently, the applicant is required to maintain a 1200 spacing buffer from the property line to a “protected facility” but does not include pipelines and utility easements (Duke Energy highline). We believe that the Revision should include utility easements and pipelines as protected facilities. It just makes sense!!

d. Compliance with other Governmental Requirements and Deed Restrictions

Right now, the County can issue a commercial permit for a deed restricted residential property. They should be required to complete a deed search such that deed restrictions (such as with HOA’s) that protect residential neighborhoods are not violated.

e. Applicant Transparency

All applicants should in addition to providing a photo identification be required to identify the person(s) who have legal responsibility for the company along with proof of any State-required licensure (like a contractor’s license) and bonding.

*Suggested comments can be made in person at the hearing or emailed in advance to the Commissioners (

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Where is the Proposed Mine?

In early 2018, Alamance County approved a permit for a crushed stone quarry on 300+ acres in the middle of Snow Camp. The proposed quarry would be bordered to the north and east by Workman Rd and Quakenbush Rd, to the south by Clark Rd, and to the west by Snow Camp Rd.

The map to the left pinpoints the location of the proposed quarry.

Tell the County and State "NO Quarry in Snow Camp!"

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June 2019

Update on Mining Permit from DEQ:

The NC DEQ has completed its review of the most recent submission by Alamance Aggregates in response to the agency's request for additional information on December 21, 2018. You can view their response by clicking on the picture of the letter, to the right.

Clearly the agency found deficiencies in Alamance Aggregates' response and is once again requesting information that they failed to provide in response to the December request. This time they gave them some insight on what they need to research and provide. If you think it is inappropriate for our State Government to "coach" mining permit applicants on how to conduct studies to determine the suitability of a particular mining site and how to assess potential negative impacts to the environment, then please feel free to let them know that with an email to Ms. Judy Wehner (