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We are the NoSnowCampMine Chapter of the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League, a 501(c)3 organization consisting of concerned Snow Camp residents, working to protect the health, safety, and welfare of our small community. Check here for updates on what we know, what's happening next and how you can help! Click on the buttons below for more information or to contact us.

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Where is the Proposed Mine?

On January 11, 2018, Alamance County, without any public notification, approved a permit for a crushed stone quarry on 300+ acres in the very heart of Snow Camp. We were finally notified in October 2018, as required by the NC DEQ . We have been working hard ever since to stop this threat to our health, safety and peacful life in Snow Camp. The proposed quarry would be bordered to the north and east by Workman Rd and Quakenbush Rd, to the south by Clark Rd, and to the west by Snow Camp Rd.

The map to the left pinpoints the location of the proposed quarry.

Times News, April 27, 2020

No public answers on HIDO, Alamance County mine permit.pdf

What You Can Do

Write the Commissioners and tell them we are entitled to read this report in its entirety, as we paid for it. Email to More suggested actions are included on our page Ways to Help.

Alamance County Inactivity

We are disappointed in our County Commissioners for withholding a 17-page report prepared by an independent outside attorney. This attorney was retained by the County at our request to review the HIDO permit issued to C. Wayne McDonald, Snow Camp Property Investments and our July 1, 2019 written notification of apparent violations in that process. According to Commissioner Chair Amy Galey, she intends to withhold the report from the public until the statute of limitations has expired. Read more in the April 27, 2020 Times News Article.

NC DEQ Mining Permit Application Status

On March 18, 2020 members of our NSCM Steering Committee and our State Legislator, Dennis Riddell, met with the management of the NC DEQ Mining Division by conference call to discuss the easement issues with Colonial Pipeline, ongoing concerns about ground water depletion and contamination, and silica dust that will be released during the proposed mining operations. We discussed each concern in detail and asked that they take particular care and caution in reviewing this application. Their response is in the attached March 25, 2020 letter with additional questions to Alamance Aggregates.

Your voice matters! Keep on emailing DEQ with your concerns and any issues you see with the AA application.

Here are some of the comments we made to the DEQ regarding silica dust and radon.

Gmail - Alamance Aggregate Application_ Silica and Radon falling through the cracks_.pdf

NSCM Most Recent Response to AA DEQ Application Update

Click the image to view the March 25, 2020 request by DEQ for more information from Alamance Aggregates

DEQ Request for additional information 03202020.pdf

NSCM Emails Colonial Pipeline with Concerns about Easement Safety Guideline Violations by Alamance Aggregates and their Associates

On January 6th our Steering Committee contacted Colonial Pipeline, DEQ, DOT, the Alamance County Commissioners, and others to voice our concerns regarding blatant easement safety violations by Alamance Aggregates and associates.

Community Action Needed!!!

We hope this finds you in good health and weathering the storm of the Covid19 virus. While honoring the stay at home and social distancing requirements, please be assured that we are continuing our fight to protect our community from imminent threats to our drinking water, our air and our safety from the proposed Snow Camp quarry. We have posted above, the most recent round of questions from the NC Department of Environmental Quality to Alamance Aggregates under their NC State Mining Permit Application. We invite you all to follow this application, all documents and studies submitted in response to the the DEQ's questions Here is the link. Scroll down to Alamance Aggregates:

Now is the time for us to again express the concerns of our entire Community regarding this proposed blast mine, adjacent to the Colonial Pipeline's Hazardous Liquid Pipeline and right-of-way. Many of you have seen trucks driving across this easement on both sides of Quakenbush Road, which is in violation of Colonial's Pipeline Safety Guidelines. In their letter, Colonial has essentially put the responsibility on the NC State DEQ to enforce the extensive safety measures outlined in the letter at the bottom of this post.

In that Alamance Aggregates is already violating the very simple, easy-to-understand safety guidelines, we have no reason to believe that they will comply with the more rigorous conditions that Colonial feels is necessary to ensure our safety from a potential pipeline breach or explosion.

Please take a moment to voice your concerns regarding this proposed blast mine to the DEQ, by emailing the following:

David Miller at

Judy Wehner at

Tell them how you feel about the danger that this proposed blast mining operation poses to our Community. If you witnessed the trucks driving through the pipeline easement or digging wells near Quakenbush Road, then let them know that. Tell them anything you wish to say about your concerns to your health and safety imposed by this proposed mine. We have included sample letters at the bottom of this post, along with additional pertinent information regarding the Colonial Pipeline.

Your emails do make a difference so please keep them coming.

As always, thank you for your concern and support.


NoSnowCampMine Steering Committee

Sample Letters to DEQ and Colonial Pipeline Attachments:

Sample Letter to DEQ Judy Wehner.docx
Sample Letter to DEQ David Miller.docx
Colonial Pipeline easement-use-requirements-for-landownersrevised.pdf
Additional requirements for Colonial 06212019.pdf
Colonial Pipeline letter.pdf

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