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Chess Club

Free. Drop-In Chess

Wednesdays 5 pm - 8 pm


261 Main Street, Norwich CT

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We have three medium-sized chess sets with boards,

and three analog chess clocks (wind-up, no time delay function)

available for our use at our meetings on Wed. 5-8.

If you own a Tournament-Size set, you may want to bring it

along with you. If you own an electronic chess clock

(capable of the time-delay feature) please bring it with you.

Alan Lasser

We bid farewell to Alan Lasser, who has moved to Amherst Mass.

Alan, a national expert and Rhode Island state champion,

has been our club's star from the beginning. We will miss him.

Alan continues to write his "Game of the Week" column,

you can subscribe: blacklightmazes@icloud.com