Norton antivirus software has a reputation that gives trust and confidence to its users. In terms of cybersecurity, Norton products are highly effective in ensuring PC protection. Features like identity theft protection, real-time monitoring, scheduled scanning, anti-phishing architecture, data storage based on encryption, cloud backup management, etc., reflect Norton products' power to deter digital threats and attacks. Hence, Norton gives value-addition through smart and early detection of malware. To ensure the PC's security, visit the portal for signing to the user account portal.

How to download and install the Norton Antivirus Software?

Before downloading and installing the Norton antivirus software, one has to go to the Norton login portal to sign in to the user account portal. Once logged into the Norton user account portal, select the Norton product that the user wants to download and install from the purchased products list. Next, click on the "Tap and Download" option to begin the download process. After the setup file gets downloaded, navigate to the location where it is present. Double-click on the setup file icon to initiate the installation process. However, before starting the same, one must check the minimum requirements and system configuration. Implement the on-screen instructions to install the downloaded Norton antivirus software.

Benefits of Norton Antivirus & Security Solution

Norton offers the following benefits, which are no less than a value addition to secure the PC:

Proactive Explicit Protection

Scheduled scanning

Real-time monitoring for identity theft protection

Automatic data backup

Virus removal assurance

SONAR protection

Blocking junk mail using anti-spamware tools and utilities