Research Projects

List of Club Data Collection Initiatives:

YBC - Yukon Beekeeping Club Research Focus Areas:

Encourage Yukon College/University to start offering a couple of entomology courses. It would be nice to have a grad or two focused on pollinators.

Here are some projects that we would like to initiate over the next few years (by YBC members or in collaboration with other researchers/institutions):

Here is Randy Oliver's guide to conducting Citizen Science research - Scientific Beekeeping

Yukon Disease and Pest Management Program

      • Basic disease testing, monitoring and tracking
      • Native pollinator and honey bee interactions
      • Education program (high school biology projects, grad student pollinator health)
      • AFB/EFB test kits
      • Propolis envelop inserts for polystyrene hives

Yukon Forage enhancement Program

      • Northern Bee Nutrition (Northern pollen nutritional values, probiotics)
      • Analyze, predict and measure various Yukon landscape honey potentials
      • Develop native seed bank
      • Roadside forage improvement program
      • Land owner forage enhancement initiatives
      • Recognize bee/pollinator forage as a commercial crop for Ag land transfer agreements
      • Measure landscape limitations
      • Yukon Honeydew Honey (Spruce/deciduous tree aphid population dynamics)

Hive Management enhancement program

      • Wintering standards / improve participation on Wintering Survey
      • Increase honey yields
      • Northern queen rearing strategy (shared drone/mating yards) (traits: Pollen, honey, Varroa resistance, hygienic behaviour, docile and wintering)
      • Single hive management


      • Honey bees as sentinel insects - monitor, measure residual and current environmental impacts of industrial activities (Mining, Quarries, Urban) - metals and pollutants -
      • Improve hive monitoring approach for data capture and hive management improvements

Citizen Science

      • Native Pollinator Surveys/Counts (similar to current bird surveys)
      • Develop Citizen Science Education Program

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Citizen Science / Hive Monitoring