NORTH provides opportunities for member families through a framework of educational and social activities, including:

  • group educational experiences,
  • holiday parties,
  • cooperatively-led classes,
  • family picnics,
  • member-led field trips,
  • and much more!

2019 Fall Co-op Info

NORTH offers two, 10-week sessions of parent-led co-op classes per academic year (Fall and Spring). 2019 Fall Classes will be held on Thursdays in the Parkville, MO area, 09/12/19 through 11/14/19. 2019 Fall Co-op Planning is underway now!! If you are a potential new member looking for a co-op, please be advised of the registration timeframe. We will post classes and the schedule to NORTH full and trial members on 07/13/19. Registration for co-op is only open for one week, 07/30/19-08/05/19. Since this is truly a cooperative where all participants help in some way, we do not accept registrations outside of that registration period. You must become a full paid member of NORTH to participate in co-op, however, we do offer a 30 day free trial membership to allow potential members to get to know the group before making a decision to join. If you think you might be interested, click Contact Us to start your trial membership!