Essendon Scottish Country Dance Group

A NEUCSCDG Afternoon Tea Dance Lots of great dances and our favourite musicians to play for us.

"I took up SCD in 1998 at the urging of a friend, 'Try it, you're a mathematician, you'll like it'. He was right. After being hooked by the joy of moving to the music and the beauty of the patterns, I took up teaching to promote this joy in others." Bill, Teacher, Sydney.

Welcome to our site. We are a 44 year old scottish country dance group in the north of Melbourne, Australia.

It is time for our summer break, regular weeknights start first Thursday in March 2020. See you then.

We are one of the many SCD groups in Melbourne, Australia. We meet on Thursday evenings at 7.30, at Gannawarra Conference Centre, 132 Keilor Rd, Essendon North (Enter via rear, car parking on site. Don’t worry if it all looks quiet. We will be there, from March to November. Just listen for the lovely music.) New dancers are welcome any Thursday.

We are proud to be affiliated to the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, based in Edinburgh and coming up for its century in 2023, Patron H.M. the Queen.

So what is it? It is a traditional dance style from Scotland. It has survived for hundreds of years because it is lots of fun. Lively jigs and reels, elegant strathspeys, beautiful music and a light sprinkling of tradition. It is not Highland dance; that is a performance style of dance, and quite different. SCD is danced in sets, often of eight dancers in two lines. No partner is needed. The kilt is never compulsory. Dress code for weeknight groups is comfortable clothes for dancing and flat shoes

How do new dancers start? A beginner’s course is ideal, when available. Otherwise, come along and check it out. Beginners are welcome to watch until they are ready to join in. The group routinely learns dances from spoken instructions and dances are always always walked through, so new dancers get a chance to learn every dance with the group.

Come to any regular Thursday night. We have a large group of new dancers in 2019.

Contact Helen Dickie 0403 431942 or just come along.

What is so good about SCD?

Well, it’s great fun and a great fitness activity too. Dancers are a friendly and sociable bunch.

Do I have to be Scottish? No. Most of us aren’t.

Do I need a partner? No. We dance in sets and the tradition is to swap for each dance.

Do I have to wear a kilt? The kilt is never compulsory.

But I hate bagpipes! That’s just fine, because there aren’t many in SCD. Fiddles, keyboards, piano accordion,percussion, some woodwind. A very occasional bagpipe, nooo sword dance and noooo highland fling.

We are affiliated with the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society