Disciplinary Policy and Procedures

Players and managers that are sent off (red card) may be subject to additional games of suspension according to the following table on a per incident basis:

Games of Suspension

*Goes beyond typical dissent

** Tackle or other foul which shows intent to retaliate or harm opponent

*** Pushing Shoving, no striking or kicking

  1. Only players or managers that are sent off are subject to these NWSL Disciplinary Guidelines.
  2. Suspensions listed in the table are in addition to the standard one game suspension required for a sending off/red card offense.
  3. Additional infractions after being sent off that would merit a sending off or caution on its own will be added to the total suspension accordingly. (Ex. If after being sent off for a serious foul, a player directs profanity at a referee, he should be suspended for two games for the initial offense, one game for the subsequent offense, one game standard for a red card for a total of four games)
  4. Any party (individual, team, referee, etc) may request to challenge/review a decision by submitting $50 and a written explanation of the request. The original decision may only be overturned by a majority vote (3 of 5) of the league president, vice president, games commissioner, and both referee coordinators. If the decision is overturned, the $50 fee will be returned to the team. Note: This $50 fee is in addition to the $20 standard fee for all red cards. The $20 fee is non-refundable.
  5. Any player receiving two yellow cards or one red card shall be ejected from the game with no substitution. Players or managers who receive a red card are require to leave the premises/game location/park.
  6. Any player receiving a red card must submit a non-refundable payment of $20 to the league office (sent via mail to the league PO box). A player will not appear on the team roster and is not eligible to play until this payment has been received.
  7. A player who is issued a red card in the team's final game of the season shall serve the corresponding suspension during the following season. If that player voluntarily chooses not to play the following season the suspension will stand and must be served before the player can participate again. Players must be on the active roster in order to serve their suspension.