Community Message

Communication Policy

The Northern Virginia Great Banquet community uses email to communicate with community members. Distributing email messages serves the community by identifying spiritual needs and helping members keep abreast of community events. As such, email will only be used to communicate the following subjects:

  • Requests for praise/prayer submitted by community members
  • Community member testimony
  • Information directly related to banquet weekends, including requests to serve, reminders about weekend events, resources for community members to help spread the message of The Great Banquet and news on how banquet teams are fairing
  • Lay Director, Spiritual Director, and governing Board announcements
  • Gathering reminders, including noting opportunities to serve during Gatherings
  • News from other Great Banquet communities and Lampstand Ministries (The Great Banquet's governing organization)

In rare instances, there may be exceptions to this policy. Any exception must be approved by the governing Board.

Note - you can opt out from receiving email messages by following the instructions that appear at the bottom of every community message, or by sending a request to