CADEM Statewide Officers Issue Statements on Governor Newsom Unveiling the $267.8 Billion Proposed State Budget

For Immediate Release:

May 14, 2021


SACRAMENTO, CA – The California Democratic Party's Statewide Officers issued the following statements on Governor Gavin Newsom's proposed $267.8 billion state budget:

It’s clear – California truly is roaring back. Today’s unveiling of the $267.8 billion proposed state budget by Governor Gavin Newsom signifies the historical changes that Democratic leaders are making in the Golden State. Throughout the last year, our legislative leaders have worked to move us out of one of the most unprecedented challenges in history.

Recovery is underway but it has taken grit, resiliency, hard work and the willingness to listen to our most at-risk communities. Most of all, restoring hope in the California dream has taken all of us, working together, and standing united in our cities and counties, in our state and across the country. It has taken reaching out to communities beyond our urban regions and ensuring that everyone has equitable access to resources. It has required all of us to take a step back and transform the way we create policies that represent women, people of color, children, immigrants, dreamers, working families and those who often face unjust barriers.

The California Democratic Party unequivocally stands with Governor Gavin Newsom, our legislative leaders and all Californians as we recover and restore the health of our Golden State.

April Verrett, Controller


Small businesses are a vital component of California’s economy - employing nearly half of all private sector employees and creating two-thirds of new jobs. As the driving force of our communities, small businesses enrich our neighborhoods and are part of the immigrant community’s pathway towards the California dream. As California continues on the road to recovery, Democrats are working hard to prioritize the health of every person while fighting for small business relief.

Today’s announcement by Governor Gavin Newsom to double down on support for small businesses by investing an additional $1.5 billion in COVID-19 relief grants, demonstrates the commitment of Democratic leaders to reimagine a Golden State that works for all. Not only are we dedicated to creating the largest state small business tax cut in history, but Democrats are standing united to ensure that we come out of this pandemic stronger than ever.

Betty Yee, Vice-Chair


In the last year, teachers and students transitioned away from in-person instruction towards remote education. The pandemic forced the school communities to lose one its most vital components to ensuring the success of our students – pre-existing relationships that nurtures the learning process.

At the same time, the uncertainty created an unbalance of mental fatigue amongst some of our most vulnerable students, teachers and working parents. And as communities voiced their concerns, California Democrats stood in solidarity to work with Democratic leaders to ensure that our educators and students were heard.

That’s why today, the California Democratic Party is applauding the work by Governor Gavin Newsom to transform our public schools. The investment, which will provide $15 billion towards K-12 public schools, $2 billion for savings accounts for 3.7 million kids and $3.4 billion for universal pre-k, will ensure that we get our schools back on track while supporting every child in every region.

Melahat Rafiei, Secretary


During the global pandemic, we witnessed how the crisis exposed and exacerbated the deeply-rooted inequities that existed in our society. And to this day, Black and Brown communities continue to experience high rates of housing insecurities – leaving thousands vulnerable in the streets. Simply put, we must do better.

Today’s announcement by Governor Gavin Newsom to confront the homelessness and affordable housing crisis head on, is a monumental moment in the fight against socioeconomic inequalities. The plan to build on Project Roomkey and Homekey takes our state towards a direction to end homelessness while building on the fundamental values of the California dream. As we recover from COVID-19, California Democrats are committed to working together to continue lifting the voices of our most underserved communities.

David Campos, Vice-Chair


In the last 12 plus months, California families have endured some of the harshest impacts induced by the global pandemic. Governor Gavin Newsom’s announcement to expand direct relief for families reflects the commitment of Democrats to the California dream.

Every family deserves equitable opportunities to recovery, especially those who have been disproportionately impacted. By tripling the state’s investment towards California families and children, the California Comeback Plan will ensure that we rebuild a better California for all.

Melahat Rafiei, Secretary


Today, Governor Gavin Newsom’s announcement of California’s economic recovery plan demonstrates how Democratic leaders across the state are working to ensure every person builds back stronger. The California Comeback Plan prioritizes communities who have been hit hardest while creating opportunities for California’s workforce who have been displaced due to COVID-19.

As Democrats work to create equitable solutions that meet the moment, the California Democratic Party commends Governor Newsom for centering our recovery around those who need it the most. CADEM looks forward to continue working with Democratic leaders as we emerge from this global pandemic together.

Rusty Hicks, Chair