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California Democratic Party

The California Democratic Party is the nation’s largest statewide party. We are 10 million Democrats strong, powered by the dreamers and doers of the Golden State. Our mission is to fight for California’s most vulnerable communities, protect working families and ensure that we live up to the promises of the California dream.

We’ve got some news. After the GOP lost the recall by an embarrassing margin (thanks to activists like you), the California Republican Party is pursuing a new strategy for 2022.

Instead of seriously competing for statewide races, the CAGOP is looking down-ballot.

Right now, California Republicans are getting ready to run candidates for city council, school board, the state legislature, and so much more that will make influential decisions that affect tens of thousands of Californians' daily lives.

Unfortunately, there’s no comprehensive list of how many Republicans hold these down-ballot offices, and in many cases, these candidates run without a serious challenger from the left.

That’s why the California Democratic Party is partnering with Contest Every Race to identify where Republicans have no Democratic challenger, and recruit people-powered candidates to beat them.

We need your help doing candidate research. Can you sign up for a volunteer shift in the next three weeks? We need to get started recruiting qualified candidates today to stop the Republican takeover of our cities and towns.

Thank you for volunteering.

We can’t let the same MAGA conspiracy theorists who protested at vaccine sites, school boards, local council and supervisor meetings win local office and enact their dangerous agenda.

You dug deep to fight off the recall, and now it’s time to get to work to win in 2022.


California Democratic Party