Maine Dog Training

From puppy to advanced dog training

Our experienced team offers training classes at our four-season facility in Gorham, Maine, that range in scope from initial puppy training and basic obedience to advanced K9 performance.

In our group classes we concentrate on understanding canine drives and pack structure and how it relates to your dog's behavior, common reward systems and their application.

We teach how to harness this new knowledge to raise a dog that is responsive, obedient, and social around people and other dogs. We also offer one-on-one classes that we customize to meet the needs of owners.

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Our dog training classes include:

Group Puppy Classes

One-On-One Dog Classes

Private Dog Training Classes at your home

Private Protection Training

  • Cost is $100.00 for an hour. Please email or call us at 207-222-2082 to schedule

Group Protection Training

  • This class meets on most Monday nights 6-8pm. This is by invite only after a consultation with one of our trainers. This is for puppy to adult dogs looking to work protection training. This is for sport, home protection, police, or just plain fun. Our trainers and decoys will take you and your dog to the next level whatever that is for you. This is a laid back fun class. Contact us for more information 207-222-2082.

To find out which class is right for you

We can help you select a class to meet you needs. Please contact us for help in selecting a class. Email or call 207-222-2082 for details.

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What our clients are saying...

The trainers at North Edge K9 are outstanding! They are so patient, reviewing information as often as needed. There is no pressure. They are always available for assistance, even outside of class. I highly recommend North Edge K9! You will not find a better wealth of knowledge combined with generosity and true caring anywhere! They understand and it shows!

Amy Burns