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The advantages of Malinois

Quick learners, eager to work and favored by law enforcement

The Belgian Malinois is one of the oldest European dog breeds and are used for herding, police and military duty, protection and sports. Malinois have thrived and dominated the K9 arena since the late 1880’s. Well-bred Malinois are highly intelligent, have excellent drives and love to interact with people. Malinois are quick learners and are considered the most versatile and agile dogs ever bred. Malinois, which typically win protection sport championships, are the breed of choice for the majority of police departments. Malinois make up more than 90 percent of U.S. Department of Defense K9s.

Malinois are very healthy dogs, with a long life span of 14-16 years. They make great family dogs in the right setting, are good with children and other animals, and are easy companions. Malinois are adaptable, and their activity level can be tailored to your lifestyle. Since Malinois can vary greatly in temperament and conformation, we select for social dogs that are eager to work and also comfortable resting quietly next to you. We select from European breeders who have consistently produced well-rounded dogs.

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