K9s When It Counts

Police K9s are fascinating to observe as they perform a myriad of functions, including tracking and trailing people, building searches, evidence recovery, narcotics and explosives detection, and apprehension of criminal suspects.

The K9’s control and obedience are captivating, yet how are these dogs able to perform such demanding tasks?

Welcome to North Edge K9, Inc.

North Edge K9 specializes in police dog import and training, as well as providing personal protection K9s to individuals and families. The company’s headquarter and training facility is located on 30 secluded acres in Gorham, ME. Multi-level K9 training is offered to both law enforcement and civilian customers and their dogs. North Edge K9 also provides trained service dogs for military veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

A Dedicated, Experienced Team

North Edge K9 is co-owned by Christian Stickney and Hagen Blaszyk. Christian and most of the company’s trainers are active police K9 handlers with many years of real world experience and a firm grasp on what it takes for these dogs to work the streets. Often, North Edge K9 works closely with business partner Robby Hermans from Robby Farm K9 in Florida, utilizing his tremendous experience as Chief Federal K9 Trainer in Belgium.

Guaranteed Results for Law Enforcement Agencies, Business Owners and Families Nationwide

North Edge K9 prides itself with delivering top-level K9s and standing by their dogs with guarantees that few if any such companies offer. Not surprisingly, the company has delivered numerous K9s to law enforcement agencies nationwide. North Edge K9 draws from European working K9 lines that are superior in drive, conformation and temperament through their overseas partner network of active police and military K9 handlers.

Specializing in Belgian Malinois

North Edge K9’s breed of choice is the Belgian Malinois, followed by the German Shepherd. Malinois are considered the most versatile and agile dogs ever bred. They typically win protection sport championships and are the breed of choice for the majority of Western police departments and the U.S. Department of Defense.

Much of the training is dedicated to building drives, socializing the dogs with people and other dogs, exposing them to and challenging them in all possible environments, thus ensuring their soundness at their future workplace. These K9s are treated with respect, love, consistency and fairness, and in turn will respect their handlers and be 100% loyal. In North Edge K9’s training process, the K9 always wins and failure or fear is not an option.

We Focus on All Aspects of Protection Training

Similarly, personal protection dog training is not simply teaching a dog to bite, but involves numerous tactical aspects of offensive and defensive training. North Edge K9 strives for the best possible match between K9 type, temperament and skill set, and future owner and home environment. North Edge K9 delivers strong, yet highly social dogs that are affectionate, obedient and easy to handle, while being always ready to protect their owners.

North Edge K9’s trainers are often asked whether it is hard for them to let go of a K9 graduate, as they will have bonded with the dog through hundreds of training hours. The answer is yes, it is hard but great pride and solace is taken knowing the K9s are out there protecting a family, a K9 handler and serving their communities.

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