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Blog: Understanding Why Your Dog Is Whining

Dog whining is guaranteed to try the patience of even the most patient dog owner! Dogs are social creatures, and whining is an effective way of communicating to each other and to humans either that they want something, or that something is wrong. Puppies learn quickly that their mother responds to a whine, for good reason, but that honeymoon generally ends fairly soon. Understanding triggers of whining in adult dogs is key for addressing the root cause and regaining your sanity. You need to understand any past conditioning and apply proper techniques for deconditioning — and ultimately eliminating — the unwanted behavior. Read more here.

Blog: The Fearful Dog

We can trace some of the most disturbing canine problem behaviors back to a single trait: fear. Whether you already have a dog that is timid or fearful, or you plan on getting a dog or puppy, it’s important for you to understand the dynamics and impact of a fearful temperament—and to realize the advantage of professional advice. Read more here.

Blog: Fear of Fireworks and Other Spooky Sounds

At North Edge K9, we put a lot of emphasis on the environmental soundness of our dogs. This desired feature needs to include being oblivious to noise. The dogs we place with law enforcement and military K9 handlers must perform, regardless of whether gunshots are fired, a thunderstorm approaches, or the 4th of July fireworks culminate in one final crescendo. This environmental soundness also applies to K9s we deliver as family/personal protection dogs. Imagine your four-legged protector running for cover when a burglar kicks in the door or window! Even pet dogs will make their owners’ lives more enjoyable when sounds and noises aren’t issues. Read more here.

Blog: Inappropriate Chewing – How To Keep Your Dog From Taking A Bite Out Of Your Valuables

Ranking high in the top ten of unwanted canine behavior is destructive chewing on things that matter to their owners. That’s right; humans define what is not appropriate to chew on. The dog however, views the world through his own canine lenses and has not the slightest clue why you are so upset - just because he turned soccer cleats into sandals! Identifying why your dog is engaging in destructive chewing is key to figuring out how to stop it. In this blog, we will examine the most common underlying reasons for this behavior. Read more here.

Blog: Curbing Food Aggression in Your Dog

Food ‘aggression’ is an easily identified, unwanted canine behavior, but it is really just one of several features of resource guarding, a host of behaviors driven by canine survival instinct. Resource guarding dogs control access to food, objects, people, or places, and sometimes more than one of the above. For the purpose of this article let’s focus on the most common variant, food guarding. Read more here.

Blog: Five Characteristics of a Family Personal Protection Dog

Now that you have been toying with the idea of welcoming a dog into your house that will be both a part of your family and a form of protection, let’s examine what features to look for. Read more here.

Blog: Who’s taking who for the walk?

"My dog is pulling me during walks.” This is likely the most common problem behavior people report about their dogs. Books and the internet are full of advice—some good, some not so good. Much money is made selling ‘easy fix’ devices and equipment like head halters and harnesses. So why would we want to talk about it? Read more here.

Blog: Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Like any business, we find certain questions popping up with some frequency. Here are some we’ve been asked recently which are most easily answered by explaining our approach to dog training. Read more here.

Blog: Do Tennis Balls Harm Your Dog’s Teeth?

Each year approximately 325 million tennis balls are produced, and this endless supply directly translates into their ubiquitous presence as the arguably most common dog toy. Over the past few years, several reports have surfaced associating tennis balls with damage to your dog’s teeth, specifically enamel abrasion. But are they really a risk? Read more here.

Blog: How To Choose A Personal Protection Dog

This is a valid question with a seemingly simple answer: Know what level of K9 protection you want and need, examine your lifestyle, and then marry the two. Easy enough, so why would I want to write about it? Read more here.

Blog: Dogs & Cars: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Many dog owners have done it and probably know better, yes I am talking about dogs riding loose in the car, at times with their head happily out the window. We don’t do that with our children, and we shouldn’t do it with our dogs either. Read more here.

Blog: Help, My Dog Is Nipping At People

One of the most common problem behaviors we encounter is the family dog displaying signs of ‘aggression’, i.e. growling, snapping, nipping and sometimes biting, most commonly other people visiting the family home, and less commonly some members of the family itself. Read more here.

Blog: COME – HERE – NOW!

Have you ever watched a dog owner trying to repeatedly recall his/her dog without success? Has this ever happened to you? If the answer is yes and yes, like it is for most of us, you may want to read on. Recall is arguably the most important command your dog should learn, for many obvious reasons. So why do many dog owners end up having an unreliable recall, and what can they do about it? Read more here.

Blog: Muzzle the Bark - Are You Serious?

Look at the image here, and no, these are not sold as cute Halloween items for your pooch. Instead, these and similar other contraptions are marketed, sold, and used to stop unwanted barking in your dog. Very sad, cruel, and rightfully made illegal in several States already. Read more here.

Blog: Are Dog Parks A Good Place To Visit?

Dog parks may have been a well-intended idea of open, legal, secure spaces for off-leash dogs, particularly in urban settings or for dog owners with limited space. But from our perspective they invariably fail to measure up. Read more here.

Blog: Can My Dog Learn To Bark On Command?

We are often asked how to teach your dog to bark on command. A good bark is all that most people will ever need from their protection dog, letting strangers know your dog is alert and aware. Read more here.

Blog: Saving Dogs and Saving Warriors - Combating PTSD Among Veterans

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affects one in five combat veterans and not only contributes to more than 22 suicides per day in this population, but prevents many of them from leading success. Read more here.

Blog: Top Killer of Dogs – Canine Bloat

Is your canine partner a large breed, deep chested dog, such as Great Dane, Shepherd, Doberman, Labrador Retriever, Akita, St. Bernard, Irish Wolfhound or Setter, Weimaraner, Bloodhounds, or similar? Read more here.

Blog: To Crate, Or Not To Crate?

Crates can be wonderful and very effective TOOLS in certain situations, but will quickly send the relationship with your dog into a downward spiral if used as a CRUTCH. Read more here.

Blog: Dog and Porcupine Encounters - Avoid At All Cost

The warmer months of the year bring out all sorts of critters; porcupines among them. Read more here.

Blog: K9s When It Counts

Police K9s are fascinating to observe as they perform a myriad of functions, including tracking and trailing people, building searches, evidence recovery, narcotics and explosives detection, and apprehension of criminal suspects. Read more here.

Blog: Why International Assistance Dog Week Matters

It’s International Assistance Dog Week and North Edge K-9 would like to send a big shout out in appreciation of everyone that trains and places service and assistance dogs. Read more here.

Blog: Dog Fights - Enter at Your Own Risk

Even the best behaved or docile dogs may occasionally decide to fight with each other, for various reasons. Preventing dog fights by having full control over your dog at all times is the preferred action, but life tends to throw you a curveball once in a while. Read more here.

Blog: Holy Cow That Stinks – Dog and Skunk Encounters

Just thinking about the smell, the nightmare, the panic; having a dog be sprayed by a skunk is scenario that fills all dog owners with dread. Read more here.

Blog: The Truth About Dog Training: One Style Doesn't Fit All

At North Edge K9 we are often asked what dog training method we use. Our simple answer: "The method that works for each dog." Read more here.

Blog: Are Dogs A Crime Deterrent?

News reporting these days often involves crime and its victims. No matter your age, gender or race, no matter how rich or poor you are, crime does not discriminate, and it often comes without warning. Many people start thinking about and planning for such event only after they have been victimized. Read more here.

Blog: Dogs and Water - Anything I Need to Know?

With summer finally here, could there be anything better than spending time with your dog at a lake, river or the ocean? Read more here.

Blog: Does Your Dog Outsmart You?

Dogs outsmart their owners on a regular basis, which in turn will more often than not result in unwanted behavior. Why is that? Read more here.

Blog: Taking A Bite Out Of Excessive Barking

Dogs have a lot to say, and they usually bark for appropriate and good reasons. But dogs can also bark excessively and inappropriately, as 30% of dog owners report. Read more here.