Our People

Christian Stickney, Owner & Chief Trainer

Christian has been a police officer with the Portland Maine Police Department since 1993. He is certified as a K9 handler and trainer, and as a K9 decoy with the Maine Criminal Justice Academy. He is a certified Patrol and Narcotics instructor with the USPCA. He was a SWAT team member and is still utilized with his K9 partner. Christian has raised and trained numerous police K9s that are actively protecting communities in New England and beyond.

Tina Stickney, Finance & Logistics

Tina has many years of advanced finance and accounting experience, making her an invaluable asset to the team. She also provides logistical help with our dogs, scheduling support and strategic planning.

Dominic Rozzi, Trainer & Kennel Manager

Dominic's experience during his 35 year law enforcement career and his keen knowledge of the Belgian Malinois make him an invaluable asset to our team. He has successfully competed in all major dog sports and supplied K9s for police work, search and rescue, and detection of narcotics and explosives, as well as for tracking game. Dominic's breeding experience is showcased by multiple litters of highly successful working dogs. He is also actively involved in a program that trains service dogs for military veterans with PTSD.

Regan Smith, L.V.T., Kennel Assistant & Vet Technician Consultant

Regan received her LVT in December of 2015. She received her veterinary technology associate in science degree from Great Bay Community College. She enjoys dog training and participating in dog sports. She has a passion for studying dog behavior. She competed in dry land challenges with her dogs and also competes in the winter in dog sled racing. Regan enjoys her five family dogs.

Tom Chard, Trainer

Tom has been an active police K9 handler since 1994, and he has supervised many teams as a certified K9 trainer with the Maine Criminal Justice Academy. Tom is a certified K9 decoy and a SWAT team member with his K9 partner.

Tynette Kerrigan, Trainer/Office Assistant

Tynette joined our clinic and is establishing herself as a wonderful team member. She is beginning to work with the programs, including private training and group classes. She grew up raising and caring for a variety of canine breeds. She has a 2 year old German Shepherd mix, Cricket, that she started training from 11 months old. She specializes in obedience and domestic home life training. She enjoys the agility aspect of canine training, but is also expanding her knowledge and skills with canine protection. She looks forward to meeting you and helping you strengthen your bond and relationship with your canines.

Michael Sawyer, Trainer

Michael has been a police officer since 1997 and a K9 handler since 2002. He is certified as a K9 handler and trainer and as a K9 decoy with the Maine Criminal Justice Academy. Mike has worked multiple K9s during his career and has trained numerous K9 teams. He is also a SWAT team member along with his K9 partner.

Alan Twombley, Trainer

Alan has almost three decades of experience as a police officer in Maine and served the majority of his career in patrol work and retired as a sergeant. He subsequently started his second career path with the Falmouth Police Department assigned to the Marine Unit and currently serves as a K9 handler with his partner Greta, a German Shorthair Pointer.

Steven Stubbs, Trainer

Steven has been successfully working the streets with his K9 partner Vader in the Greater Portland area. Steve joined North Edge K9 early on and has been contributing in many ways. He has significant decoy experience and is trusted member of our team.

David Rackliffe, Jr., Trainer

David is working his second dual-purpose police K9 as a deputy sheriff. He has been working with police K9s since 2005 and is a certified trainer with the Maine Criminal Justice Academy. David has been breeding and raising German Shepherd Dogs for the past 9 years and has placed a number of dogs with law enforcement in New England as well as in private industry supporting military activities abroad.

Robby Hermans, Consultant

We are very happy to have a partnership with Robby Hermans of K9 RobbyFarm. Robby is a former federal military police K9 handler and trainer in Belgium with 20 years of experience. We work with Robby at his facility in Florida and overseas.