Box Tops

Have you heard? No more clipping!

Get the app and start scanning your grocery receipts to support North Star Public Charter School today. It's so easy!

Big changes have happened with Box Tops this year - they have gone digital! Box Tops are phasing out the clipping aspect and going to digitally scanning your receipts on a new and improved user friendly app. This app looks for participating products on scanned store receipts and instantly gives our school those Box Top earnings online . We are asking everyone to download the new Box Top app from either the app store or google play.

Once you have set up an account with North Star Public Charter as the recipient, you can start scanning your store receipts. Upon scanning your receipt within 14 days of purchase you are also able to hit the star button on the bottom and assign credit to one teacher per receipt. If you do forget to assign credit, you can always go back into each receipt to assign later.

If you still have or find traditional non expired Box Tops, please send those in as we can still earn money for those. It does give us an advantage to "double dip" as we can get credit for both the traditional clippings AND scanning your receipt for participating products.

Teachers are still competing every month to win a mini-party for the most collected Box Tops, so get those traditional ones sent in or assign credit for a specific teacher. Thank you for helping our school!

Watch the video below to learn more!

Once you've downloaded the app, be sure to search for us using our full name, "North Star Public Charter School," to successfully link your account.