North of the 44th is movement started by a group of leaders from the region centered on Coos and upper Carroll and Grafton counties in New Hampshire and including the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, north western Maine, and southern Quebec Province--the area north of the 44th Parallel.

The movement shapes a positive narrative about the region, focusing on our assets and building from our strengths. We believe that the stories we tell about our place shape our attitude and determine our potential.

We hold storytelling sessions across the region to learn about the local people, places, and projects that thrill you and make you optimistic about our future.

This website will celebrate those people, places and projects as "hotspots" North of the 44th.

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Phoebe Backler

April Busfield

Jim Cochran

Lori Langlois

Pamela Laflamme

Sally Manikian

David Monty

Brendan Prusik

Morgan Wade

Allie White

North of the 44th is a project of the 2015 Community Practitioners Network

Front row: Carole Martin (facilitator), Allie White, Pamela Laflamme, Lori Langlois, Morgan Wade, April Busfield, Phoebe Backler (with future Placemaker Henry).

Back row: David Monty, Sally Manikian, Jim Cochran, Brendan Prusik, Curtis Ogden (facilitator). Participants in the inaugural Community Practitioners Network of the Neil and Louise Tillotson Fund.

(2014 at the Whitefield Inn)